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Test Talk(s)

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The QA Consultants’ Story

QA Consultants is a classic Canadian technology success story and a case study of how to disrupt a static industry. All it took was for a subject matter expert named Alex Rodov – unencumbered by conventional thinking – with the guts and clear vision to identify a market gap and commercialize a big idea.

Benefits of nearshoring QA services to Canada

Bill Klages, Vice President of Influencer Relations & Partner Management discusses the problems with offshore services and the benefits of nearshoring to Canada.

Visit QA Consultants to plan for a permanent re-shoring of your core QA function to a supplier partner who has a North American QA/QE platform.

Espresso Talks – Women in Technology – Micro Focus Community Manager (with Raquel Winkler)

This Espresso Talks “Women in Technology” series episode welcomes Micro Focus Community Manager, Raquel Winkler. Jonathon Wright discusses the ins and outs of the online community and all that it offers its users. Raquel highlights Online Expert Days, Blogs and Tips, and their Discussions Forums. She explains how to subscribe to product areas, blogs, categories and specific posts. This online community prides itself on “sharing knowledge and listening to its users”.

Bill Klages in conversation with MAPLE Business Council | QA Consultants

Bill Klages, VP Influencer & Partner Relations at Toronto-based QA Consultants, discusses the timing of software quality assurance and the opportunity to ‘shift left’.

Bill Klages in conversation with MAPLE Business Council about reshoring| QA Consultants

Bill Klages, VP Influencer & Partner Relations at Toronto-based QA Consultants, discusses how the QA Consultants leverages Toronto’s talent pool through a low-overhead, hybrid employee model that delivers software quality assurance to clients.

Client Tests. Stability Audit: AMD vs NVIDIA | QA Consultants

Click to find out which video graphic driver was found to be the most stable in the gaming industry – AMD or NVIDIA?

Test Talk Episode 6: ModelBasedTesting

Professor Dr Holger Schlingloff, Chief Scientist of the System Quality Center (SQC) at the Fraunhofer Institute
and professor for software engineering at the Humboldt University
of Berlin
asks, discusses Model-Based Testing.

Test Talk Episode 5: What is shift left?

Senior Consultant, David Moss asks the question, “What is shift left?”

Test Talk Episode 4: Test Automation Management and Tools

Senior Consultant, Mobile COE Leader, Marsha Krakowsky, discusses our approach to automation management along with quality assurance industry tools.

Test Talk Episode 3: Accessibility Testing & Compliance Promotion Package

Director, Professional Services, Aly Dawood, discusses our approach to accessibility testing and our Compliance Promotion Package for AODA, WCAG 2.0 (level A, AA), and Section 508.

Test Talk Episode 2: Test Automation

Senior Manager, Professional Services, Rob Virdee, talks about the different types of testing (GUI test automation, API test automation, and performance test automation), skill sets required for
test automation.