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Media and Entertainment

We keep your customers smiling

From streaming video platform testing for North America’s largest telecom to testing of video kiosks, our experience in media and entertainment industries is as varied as the number of customers we have in this space. Our functional, digital compatibility, and performance testing services are often used by these companies, but we have seen additional work in specialty areas like API testing, accessibility, and usability.


  • Proactively managing costs to stay lean and competitive
  • Pursue profitable relationships with clients
  • Innovate for the client’s future
  • Develop a talent pool and culture
  • Strive towards flawless execution

We are equally comfortable working in traditional software development environments as well as with new agile and hybrid agile/waterfall approaches. Our secure Test Factory™ centre of excellence provides a compelling alternative to offshore testing.

A sample of our media and entertainment clients:

The Amazing Race
Big Brother Canada
Toronto FC
Toronto Raptors
Toronto Maple Leafs
Bell Media

Our media and entertainment testing services: