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At QA Consultants, we support our customers by providing custom-made testing services and solutions. Our US and Canada-based QA practitioners support both enterprise customers and start-ups (and everyone in between) with dedicated QA services and solutions. We deliver this work onsite, near-site, and remotely, but not offshore.

Why remote work and offshore are not the same

It’s important to note that remote work and offshore work aren’t the same. Especially during a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses might assume that if everyone is working remotely anyway, then it does not matter if they are located down the street, across the country, or even offshore.

Our clients will disagree.

There are still critical differences and our clients recognize those realities every day. We have already proven that continuous quality and ongoing QA can be achieved without people in the same room – but there are benefits to having them on the same continent, too.

Talent and accountability

Strong wages, stable government benefits, and strong education mean our US and Canadian QA teams have lower turnover than other markets. That means you can depend on our QA professionals who will know your business and be around long enough to accelerate it.

Security and infrastructure

When working out of centralized tech communities, offshore QA resources typically would have strong enough network connections, reliable power, and the security protocols in place that have been built up over 20 years. But those solutions, in third world countries, do not work outside designated tech zones or in work from home environments.

On the other hand, QA Consultants’ workforce has always been set up for secure and successful onshore local remote work. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, for example, we did not experience the same challenges as other firms, because we were already set up to do software testing for our local clients remotely.

The ability to depend on stable infrastructure also extends to strong government. Having a team based in the US and Canada does not come with the same risk of instability that other markets may experience.


Quality Assurance has always been a complex field that moves fast. Typically, written requirements become outdated quickly and technical specs change constantly in the development process, so it is vital to have a QA team that can move fast and adapt. Having an onshore team without a language barrier or major time zone differences is hugely beneficial.

We have successfully mitigated a typical “Follow the Sun” approach to a 1-hour window that allows for CI/CD/CQ deployments and real-time communication. Most follow the sun approaches require a 48-hour turnaround window whereas we reply within ONE hour. We offer real-time testing with a minimum amount of overhead and buffer layers. Our teams work directly with our client developers in real-time with no low-value managers to misinterpret, no on-site coordinators to slow things down, and with the use of collaboration tools to maximize productivity.

The following are some of the key quality assurance, management, and engineering services we offer and how we engage with our customers. If there are questions about any of these options, please contact us.

How we deliver: Engagement models

Solutions + Services we offer:

Test Automation

  • Performance engineering and testing
  • Integration Testing
    Security Testing
    Functional Testing
    Data Testing
    Mobile Testing
    Audit & Advisory Services


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