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QA Consultants works with a number of partners in service to our customers. We do not prioritize referral fees or reseller agreements over our customers best interests and in most cases, we pass along software savings that we are able to obtain to our customers. Our priority in any client engagement is to select the right tool\partner to service our customers. We prefer that our customers acquire any tools on their own to avoid any potential conflicts and QAC will certainly take on the tool purchases as part of our managed services offerings. We are often seeking out relationships with the latest vendors and partners, especially in the QA tools area. Not all partners listed are formal alliances, but all have a role to play in customer engagement. Our partners generally fall between three broad categories:

QA and Testing tool providers

  • Our approach to software testing tools and other tools used in our industry has always been agnostic. We have several partners whose tools we have worked with more often than others. By constantly seeking out additional vendors and developers, we make sure our team has access to the newest technologies and are able to make the right recommendations to our customers.  For many of these vendors, QAC has established relationships that allow us to resell, refer, or host the product in order to provide better overall pricing to the customer. We are transparent in our relationships and are focused on making sure the customer gets the right outcome. Our team receives access to the training and resources needed to continuously increase and maintain our skills and knowledge.

Service Providers

  • Often, we work and partner with other service providers in either full partnership or in sub/prime relationships. From global systems integrators to complementary QA service providers, our focus is always on the best outcome for the customer. As our business model is 100% onshore in North America, we will work with partners to provide services globally. Similarly, we are often able to help our partners in service to their customers by providing the onsite and onshore resources they need to deliver. This includes partners who are also specialized in software quality assurance as well as those who provide development and project delivery expertise. We “play well in the sandbox” and are always willing to partner in support of our client’s objectives.

Technology providers

  • In addition to providing deep expertise and skills around Quality Assurance, our career QA practitioners and professionals often have deep industry and technology expertise around specific software applications and technology packages.  This includes some of the world’s largest software companies and varies by industry.  A few of those specialties include SAP and Guidewire.

For those looking to partner with QA Consultants, we offer the following as part of our Channel+ program:

  • Expertise in Quality – Expand your operational scalability with our team of QA professionals
  • Access to the Test Factory™ – Our unique Test Factory™ allows your firm to compete with a state of the art, scalable, and secure Toronto-based testing center of excellence


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Work Soft
Neotys Plugins
Micro Focus
Applitools Eyes
Scott Moore consulting
Arctic Wolf
mantissa group
Art One Translations
Browser stack
CAST Software
zeal it consultants

Partnership video

Bill Klages, Vice President of Influencer Relations & Partner Management, discusses the Canadian connection between QA Consultants and Maple Business Council.

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