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We are a Test Automation Leader

QA Consultants is at the forefront of test automation engineering techniques, technologies, and methodologies with our test automation services. We partner with clients across various industries to drive their automation innovation and QA optimization. Our expertise spans all test automation platforms and we have a vast knowledge base of best practices which we leverage for our clients.

Our test automation engineering solution components:

  • The right process: A methodology that achieves quantifiable results to address challenges such as maintaining accuracy of repeatable tasks, expediting the software development life cycle, upgrading technology platforms, and enhancing security.
  • The right technology: A complete set of industry-relevant tools and software licenses to supplement the tools you already have in-house.
  • The right people: Projects led by a team of professionals who have worked with QA teams, business analysts, and developers. QA Consultants’ professionals have managed automation projects using a wide range of automation technologies. For example. we’ve used Micro Focus/HP UFT, Selenium, Ranorex, Sauce Labs, Perfecto Mobile, etc. As a result, we develop and implement the test automation solution that is most appropriate, given your goals, timelines, and budget.

Our Automated Testing Clients:






QA Consultants is recognized for our broad and expansive test automation capabilities, architecture, building, and maintaining test automation solutions. In turn, we support multi-platform, multi-device and multi-language/OS forms. QA Consultants applies high levels of sophisticated test automation, utilizing risk-based methodologies, and builds for our clients. We use comprehensive testing modules and libraries for improved productivity including speed to execution. Our model delivers on the promise of a significantly higher quality of testing time to value. In the past four years, over 80% of test projects we’ve completed the required automation. As a result, test automation has driven down costs and drastically improve the re-usability of automation scripts. With this strength comes innovation in automation in our Test Factory™ that dictates best practices and processes.

Testing Tools and Secure Infrastructure Requirements

QA Consultants provides every project with all the necessary infrastructure, communication, and software testing tools. As such, we’re prepared to fulfil a complete turnkey solution to address the quality assurance testing needs of our clients. Our unique relationship with HP/Micro Focus, as a premier reseller of their entire test suite of products, provides us with the advantage of delivering the exact test tools and skills on demand. Any required software tools licensing are included in all of our fees. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for HP/Micro Focus, QA Consultants can lease licenses to clients for short periods negating the costly acquisition and ongoing maintenance incurred as part of the licensing costs.

A sample of our platforms, tools, and technologies:

our platforms, tools, technologies

Our Services

QA Consultants provides the following services as part of our services:

  • Comprehensive Solution Delivery
  • Advisory Consulting
  • Proof of Concepts and Pilots
  • SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Tool Optimization
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

Comprehensive test automation solution delivery

QA Consultants provides testing services that run the spectrum from thought leadership to assessments and advisements to automation delivery to training and knowledge transfer.

Advisory Consulting

We provide advisory consulting services. An automation assessment is an investigation and deep dive into an organization’s automation capabilities and readiness. During our automation assessment, we perform a review of current artifacts, practices, skill sets, organizational makeup, budget and tech sensitivities, culture, and goals that would affect automation and its usage. Our findings guide the appropriate and efficient application of test automation approaches, strategies, structure, and technologies to an organization undertaking an automation initiative.

QA Consultants also provides consulting and coaching, with an automation strategy. This is a project-sized engagement to advise various levels of an organization in designing and implementing an automation strategy. We then follow this up with the scaling and reapplication of said automation strategy beyond the originating project.

Proof of Concepts and Pilots

Proof of concept is a short time-boxed engagement that strives to prove, and/or substantiate, the technical feasibility of applying a proposed test automation strategy with respect to tools, processes, and/or skillsets. This proves and/or substantiates test automation and tools before implementing on a larger scale. It allows for lessons learned, tweaks, and/or selection of differing tool prior to larger adoption. An automation pilot initiative is a variable length engagement that strives to substantiate and package a set of tools, frameworks, processes, management, and team organization for application to one or more projects. Proof of Concepts and Pilots prove and substantiates the intended test automation, tools, processes, and organizational makeup before implementing on a larger scale. They also allow for lessons learned and tweaks on solutions prior to larger adoption.

SDLC Tool Optimization

QA Consultants understands the importance of specialized tools to support test automation and testing as a whole. We conduct research, prescribes solutions, and implements the best automation tool for our client needs. Additionally, QA Consultants provides the related tools, connectivity, and processes needed to optimize test automation across projects, SDLC, and the organization.

Staff Augmentation

We provision of skilled test automation resources in numbers, seniority levels, and length of engagement as per the clients choosing. Resources are provided to augment the client’s existing organization and are managed on a day-to-day basis by the client. The number and makeup of resources can be adjusted and/or scaled up as per the clients changing needs. This is beneficial to organizations that wish to add some skill sets to their existing teams. It’s also beneficial to clients who are secure in their ability to manage their own test automation initiatives. We also provide test automation training and knowledge transfer.

Educating Our Clients

QA Consultants has always recognized the need to educate our clients on their adopted test automation. We have developed keen expertise to expedite the learnings by leveraging a toolbox of knowledge transfer method. Our training mediums comprise classroom sessions, job shadowing/coaching, and/or custom instructional videos.

Knowledge Transfer

QA Consultants Knowledge Transfer (KT) activities and development communications strategy begins at project initiation, run concurrently with each phase of the project, and continue through to project completion


QA Consultants’ test automation provides you with the following measurable benefits:

  • Increased Speed of Software Rollouts
  • Reduced Product Development Costs
  • Increased Confidence
  • Repeatable Testing Processes
  • Increased Test Automation Skills of Your In-House Team
  • Product Development and Testing Resources are Redeployed
  • Test Automation Removes the Need for Manual Testers

Increased Speed of Software Rollouts

With QA Consultants’ testing services, you can enjoy increased speed at which your software products are rolled out. Test automation allows more testing earlier and throughout the process, resulting in greater confidence in the project and fewer if any, delays.

Reduced Product Development Costs

Our services will help reduce your product development costs. Test automation upfront costs are more than made up for with both subsequently reduced manpower needs and far greater testing throughput. Additionally, this increased earlier testing results in fewer, if any, costly defects from occurring late in the project cycle.

Increased Confidence

Another benefit to our automated testing services is increased confidence that your software will perform as needed across devices and operating systems. Test automation facilitates the same test execution in parallel across as many platforms and O/S’s as required with negligible if any, time penalties.

Repeatable Testing Processes

We help create repeatable testing processes that can be used for future projects and applications. Automated testing is not just a tool but an architecture, expertise, and a set of practices which form a playbook. We help provide a playbook that can be scaled up/down and/or exported across projects and the organization itself.

Increased Test Automation Skills of Your In-House Team

QA Consultants will help increase the test automation skills of your in-house testers and developers. The intelligent application of QA Consultants’ test automation training and Knowledge Transfer to our client’s mixed skill audience raises the skill levels and abilities of each recipient. Automation ‘moonlighters’ may become automation developers and practitioners. Test analysts may become automation scripters.

Product Development and Testing Resources are Redeployed

Another benefit of QA Consultants’ Test Automation is the fact that product development and testing resources are redeployed to where they matter most.

Test Automation Removes the Need for Manual Testers

Test automation removes the need for valuable SME-level manual testers to undertake long and repeating regression efforts. These important resources are freed up, instead, to undertake the important new functionality and exploratory testing and related activities.

Whether the project requires agile, waterfall, or a hybrid solution, we provide A-to-Z guidance and provision of test automation from people, tools, and processes. Due to our industry and thought-leadership in the area of data testing, QA Consultants have automated methods and solutions to apply to data migration, data quality, and big data testing.

QA Consultants’ Team and Management

QA Consultants deploys a “Test Automation Solution” approach to execute best practice QA processes. By working in a collaborative team environment we’re able to produce quality and expedient results. The seasoned expertise of QA Consultants’ test teams becomes more significant when training, orientation, and familiarity with the environment becomes a factor. Our responsiveness to our clients’ needs will ensure a quality outcome, deep rigor, and the use of comprehensive test governance. From an efficiency and effectiveness manner, we have the required knowledge and confidence in our ability to execute project deliverables. Clients will benefit from a quick ramp up, agile project delivery, and a high productivity team.

QA Consultants is tools agnostic. We provide solutions based on our clients’ needs. QA Consultants can readily customize any solution from the high-level conceptual design down to the exact toolset that makes sense to deploy.

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