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Audit & Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We help you mature your quality

At QA Consultants, our projects can range from a few hours (for on-demand needs) to multi-year sourcing arrangements. However, most of these engagements start with one or more advisory services.

Advisory services at QA Consultants are those that have a fixed duration and confirmed end date. Our services often have a deliverable that improves processes and teams. These are traditionally consulting engagements that include time from our executive leadership and senior professional services teams.

Most advisory services are delivered under time and materials engagement models. This allows QA Consultants to be efficient and able to reduce the time needed. Most of these projects relate to some degree of assessment. When material, data, and resources are readily available, these projects can move smoothly and under budget.

Advisory services include:

  • QA maturity assessments
  • Tools evaluation and implementation
  • GDPR data privacy audits
  • Investment assurance
  • QA process consulting
  • Metrics management
  • Security policy implementation, validation, and enforcement

Advisory services engagement examples:

  • TCOE implementation analysis
  • Pro-forma creation for a joint venture converting QA to a revenue generator
  • Automation proof of concept creations for non-standard applications
  • QA maturity assessment

Specialized Audit

We reduce risk

In addition to our testing services, we have four areas of expertise that can increase security, provide compliance, and reduce risk.

Application Security Assessment

Our penetration and vulnerability assessment focuses on identifying and exploiting threats with clear documentation of risk and remediation. Vulnerability assessment is a vital aspect of a strong security program. In fact, a vulnerability management system, including testing and remediation, is often recognized by industry standards and regulatory bodies as a crucial stipulation for security and compulsory for compliance. Be proactive and safeguard your business.

Assessment Process Framework

Executive Interviews

• Executive Success/Failure Criteria
• Digital Transformation Readiness
• Measurable KPIs

1. Review Development/QA Methodology

  • KPIs

2. Maturity of Development/QA/QE Methodology

  • KPIs

3. Skillset Requirements (Current and Future needs)
4. Quality Engineering Culture Readiness
5. Framework Maturity

  • Automation
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Accessibility

6. Tool Maturity
7. Digital Readiness Gaps

1. Skills-Assessment and next steps recommendation
2. QAOps Readiness (gaps and remediation recommendations)

  • Skills/Culture Transition
  • Agile readiness
  • Framework Readiness
  • Tool Readiness
  • KPIs

3. Quality Engineering Culture Transition Gaps
4. Framework & Supporting Tools current state gaps

  • Automation
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Accessibility
1. Skills-Assessment and Training/Hiring Plan
2. QAOps Readiness

  • Skills/Culture Transition
  • Agile readiness
  • Framework Readiness
  • Tool Readiness

3. Quality Engineering Culture Transition Plan
4. Framework & Supporting Tools Establishment/Implementation

  • Automation
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Accessibility

5. QE Digital Transition Plan


ADA/Section 508/AODA/Accessibility Compliance Audit

A WCAG 2.0 compliance audit details where a site will fail compliance with recommendations on remediation approaches. By becoming A and AA compliant you can satisfy requirements, retain and or gain customers, plus maintain social responsibility. We can start a conversation and ensure your business is compliant.

Investment Assurance due diligence audit

As a specifically designed solution both pre-and post-investment, QA Consultants supports the VC and PE community in understanding the technical quality of the company’s development process. Pre-investment, a due diligence assessment is useful in understanding software quality from ideation to wireframes to MVP and working product as well as the organizational approach to quality. Post-investment, QA Consultants supports a third party, independent quality inspections and audit for a single investment or best as leveraged across a portfolio. This approach allows the investor to bulk purchase hours to be disseminated across a portfolio and includes direct feedback quality progress.

All services are available on individual and volume-based engagements (Ex: Design and dev companies)

GDPR Audit

As with our security assessment, QA Consultants will review all data privacy-related risk areas, confirm GDPR fine risks, and implement policies on remediation and compliance. The GDPR affects any Canadian-based company that offers goods or services to EU residents. Let’s talk about it before it becomes an issue.

QAC GDPR – 12 Steps for NA Companies

QA & Testing Assessment

Executive Summary

The QA & Testing Assessment (commonly called DPA) consists of an assessment to identify the current needs, pain-points and maturity level of the QA and testing organization, including processes, people, and tools. The main goal behind this strategic service is to evaluate the readiness of the IT organization, including processes, people and tools, to deliver an end-to-end enterprise quality management strategy based on business drivers, best practices and usage patterns.

The methodology applied consists of:

  • A systematic diagnostic of the people, process, and tools in order to identify key strengths, weaknesses, and risks in the QA organization
  • A gap analysis to provide insights on how the AS-IS perception compares with the industry best practices and blueprints
  • A final report to provide recommended next steps in order to increase the maturity level of QA discipline

What do I get out of it?

An enterprise roadmap designed to optimize the customer business outcomes by improving the application of process and technology both now and as part of your long-range strategic plans. This is achieved through a comprehensive set of IT measurements reflecting the “as-is” state of affair in quality management, testing management and control, application management, requirement management and configuration management, followed by recommendations to move you to the desired end state as defined by your business drivers.

Executive Alignment on Criteria and Criticality Traditional Stakeholder Assessment QAC Stakeholder Assessment Analysis and Reporting and Post-Assessment Recommendation Post-Assessment Roadmap Execution
QA Disciplines (Manual/Functional, Automation, Performance, Mobile, Compatibility, etc.) QA/QE Playbook

  • current state mapping
  • to Interim/future states
QA Documentation QA/QE Playbook
Security Vulnerability and Training QE Security Playbook

  • Security QE Current Status
  • Skills assessment
  • Security Hiring/Training Plan for QE
  • Mapping to Interim/future states
QA Metrics QA/QE Playbook

  • Current metrics state
  • Mapping to Interim/future states of metrics progression
QA/Test Management Tools Analysis/Recommendations QA/QE Playbook

  • Current tool/framework state
  • Mapping to Interim/future states of tool/framework adoption and migration
Test Data and Environment Management QA/QE Playbook

  • Current test data and test environment framework state
  • Mapping to test data and test environment framework adoption and migration
Executive Alignment on Criteria and Criticality Traditional Stakeholder Assessment QAC Stakeholder Assessment Analysis and Reporting and Post-Assessment Recommendation Post-Assessment Roadmap Execution
Finance (Cost of Quality) Current and Future Analysis of Development and Testing Costs

  • ROI Analysis
  • Automation analysis for ROI
  • QA vs. Cost KPI analysis
Social Impact QA/QE Playbook for Diversity within QA Organization
Culture of QA/QE QA/QE Playbook for Cultural Change within QA Organization

  • QE Transition
  • Executive/Managerial Transition
  • Compensation Impacts
  • Agile Organization Impact and Plan
Tool Enablers to Organizational Change QA/QE Playbook for Cultural Change within QA Organization

  • Tool Eablement mapping to interim state
Human Capital and Skills Assessment
QAOps and Organizational KPI’s QA/QE Playbook

  • Required Skills establishment
  • Skills assessment
  • Hiring/Training Plan for QE
  • Mapping to Interim/future states

What can I expect?

Once we have mutually signed the SOW with the letter of understanding explaining the work that will be performed, the engagement follows a set path to completion:

  • IT processes and methodologies analysis – review of IT processes and methodologies to identify current strengths, weaknesses, and risks, as well as current capabilities and required resources
  • Response package – a set of questionnaires is sent to the sponsor for distribution within the organization as applicable (used to create a joint POV)
  • Checkpoint – conference call or in-person meetings with the sponsor to review the results of the “response package”
  • Deliverables – in a follow-up meeting with the sponsor and primary stakeholders, QA Consultants will present findings and recommendations and establish an on-going dialogue to prioritize joint projects

Business Drivers

  • Improves service efficiency
  • Reduce cost and risks
  • Improve service availability and time to deliver services

Top Objectives

  • Align demand and resource supply based on critical business needs
  • Improve time to deliver high-quality applications and technology services with fewer post-implementation defects
  • Leverage best practices to institute scalable processes across IT
  • Modernize time-consuming processes through automation
  • Reduce the dependency on tribal knowledge
  • Reduce the number of outages and MTTR on critical outages
  • Improve Service Availability

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