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Specialized Audit

We reduce risk

In addition to our testing services, we have four areas of expertise that can increase security, provide compliance, and reduce risk.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Our penetration and vulnerability assessment focuses on identifying and exploiting threats with clear documentation of risk and remediation. Vulnerability assessment is a vital aspect of a strong security program. In fact, a vulnerability management system, including testing and remediation, is often recognized by industry standards and regulatory bodies as a crucial stipulation for security and compulsory for compliance. Be proactive and safeguard your business.

ADA/Section 508/AODA/Accessibility Compliance Audit

A WCAG 2.0 compliance audit details where a site will fail compliance with recommendations on remediation approaches. By becoming A and AA compliant you can satisfy requirements, retain and or gain customers, plus maintain social responsibility. We can start a conversation and ensure your business is compliant.

Accessibility Testing (PDF)


Investment Assurance due diligence audit

As a specifically designed solution both pre-and post-investment, QA Consultants supports the VC and PE community in understanding the technical quality of the company’s development process. Pre-investment, a due diligence assessment is useful in understanding software quality from ideation to wireframes to MVP and working product as well as the organizational approach to quality. Post-investment, QA Consultants supports a third party, independent quality inspections and audit for a single investment or best as leveraged across a portfolio. This approach allows the investor to bulk purchase hours to be disseminated across a portfolio and includes direct feedback quality progress.

All services are available on individual and volume-based engagements (Ex: Design and dev companies)

GDPR Audit: T&M Assessment

As with our security assessment, QA Consultants will review all data privacy-related risk areas, confirm GDPR fine risks, and implement policies on remediation and compliance. The GDPR affects any Canadian-based company that offers goods or services to EU residents. Let’s talk before it becomes an issue.

QAC GDPR – 12 Steps for NA Companies