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Mobile Testing Service

Mobility Testing: We keep you compatible

Since 2011, QA Consultants has delivered a significant number of mobile testing projects for many government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. We deliver superior value by leveraging industry-leading expertise and capabilities with high levels of automation. Our state-of-the-art testing lab and global testing best practices go beyond “pass/fail” conditions to evaluate the entire customer experience.

QA Consultants’ mobile testing practice and Mobile TCoE can address QA and testing for your complex mobile applications. We provide expert and economical testing “on-demand” for any industry or project through our Test Factory™, at your client site, or through a hybrid delivery model. Our team of experts are skilled at ensuring that mobile applications are consumer-friendly, easy to use and respond to user expectations regardless of the hardware, platform, application type, browser, operating system, or carrier.

Find out how QA Consultants informed the client of their problem, structured a solution, and the client caught up to be in-sprint. Read the full story here:

The foundation of our Mobile TCoE and Mobile Test Lab is to provide a “device as a service”; this being access to a test target (Simulator, Device, Virtual Machine or other); access to a tester, whether that be a QAC SDET resource working in our lab or a customer site; to a customer resource (developer, tester, UAT); to a third party (business partners, code development partners, support Centres, etc.) from anywhere using their common desktop browser. Using mouse clicks, drags, or swipe actions on the browser, a user has control of a real device and immediately sees the screen output as if that device was in the testers hands. This enables testing on real devices for both manual and automated testing; capturing screenshots, video, device vitals, network profile information for easy defect tracking and triage. In addition, a developer can access the very same test device and perform remote debugging on the real platform.

A sample of our mobile testing clients:

The Home Depot
Bank of America
Four Seasons
Analytics 4 life

QA Consultants’ Mobile TCoE supports mobile simulators, real mobile devices, virtual desktops and other IoT (internet of things) devices in a mix of on-site lab, and third-party hosted labs all tied together in a single managed framework. This scalable environment can be modified to support concurrent testing projects by adding the required testing targets. Assets can be relocated once projects are completed resulting in a cost model that meets project delivery timelines and not long-term subscription pricing that may not reflect a larger organization needs.

The Mobile TCoE is more than a hosted test lab as it provides testing services to address the needs of mobile and digital testing that falls outside the capabilities of traditional test automation. Our experts have developed our own digital/mobile test automation frameworks to support the TCoE. These frameworks accelerate the creation of test automation assets.

The automation framework supports different scripting technologies, device management, and virtual lab providers and allow for a scripting methodology of script-once run-many; allowing for a single test script to be developed to run the same test flow across multiple test targets (different browser, mobile and desktop/iOS or Android for native and hybrid applications). This technology significantly reduces the required time to create an automation asset and to begin using it. Scripting accelerators shield complex coding requirements from the tester to promote rapid script development. The framework supports component reuse, data-driven testing, keyword test creation and a BDD testing model.

A sample of our mobile testing tools:

Micro Focus
Mobile Labs


  • Procurement and management of all mobile devices; ensure they are ready for use; fully charged; refresh to clean state; updated to proper OS and patch as required – connected to WiFi or cellular carrier network
  • Provides remote access to test target via a browser interface
  • Provides automation scripting services
  • Provides manual test execution services
  • Provides detailed reporting of test executions
  • Test case design and development
  • Provide usage reports of test resources
  • Defect identification, triage, reporting, and retest

Client case studies:

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