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Performance Engineering and Testing

The mission of our performance engineering group is to help your organization to produce the most efficient software to support your business operations.

Faster end user response times

Operate efficiently on lower powered hardware or cloud instances

Fewer scalability issues under load

Lowered direct and indirect operating costs

The Intersection of Performance and Business

The Value of Performance Engineering

Hear from James Pulley, Chief Performance Officer at QA Consultants, explain how we help customers improve the efficiency, scalability, and responsiveness of applications through Performance Engineering. Better performing applications mean lower hosting costs.

Practice Philosophy

QA Consultants provides client services and products for the sole purpose of improving the efficiency and scalability of software. This results in a reduction of business risk, improvements in end user productivity, and reduced cost of operations.

We approach each problem by asking, “what is the fastest path to data to solve this issue?” This reduces the time required to collect, analyze, and provide insight into application performance.

Our performance engineering & test practice takes a business first approach to managing your application performance. Driven by key performance indicators for response time and scalability, our goal is to help you reduce your cost of operations for software and improve the user experience & productivity with highly responsive applications. For eCommerce applications, this also results in improved conversion rates. We have typically seen a 20–30% improvement in site performance. Imagine what that could mean for your revenue?

How do we deliver value?

  • We have three decades of experience to guide us on how to derive data for analysis in the fastest possible methods. This cuts the time required to deliver findings and recommendations to improve system performance.
  • We can begin delivery of feedback as soon as business requirements are complete and continue from unit testing through production.
  • We use a continuous improvement model, illustrated in column three, where we recommend optimizing the most expensive process first. That data can come from active tests or observations from functional testing/production environments. Value is realized once a change is made that improves performance.

We offer performance engineering services across multiple purchase models: SOW, traditional labor augmentation, and value driven. With value-driven delivery, the charge is directly related to an improvement in key performance indicators on end user response, time and cost of operations. If your systems do not improve in the areas of response time, scalability, or cost as measured by defined KPI’s, then we do not get paid. We only benefit when your organization does as well.

Slow software does not convert

If your website is slow, not optimized for mobile devices, or completely goes down, you risk losing
major revenue on the biggest shopping and damaging reputation and your brand.

Slow software means:

  • Higher bounce rates
  • Higher cloud bills
  • Abandoned carts
  • Lower conversions
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost customers
  • Damaged reputation

Black Friday Readiness Guide and Assessment for your website

Avoid Catastrophic E-commerce Failure During the Busy Holiday and Black Friday Seasons. Download our guide for 11 tips to improve your site’s performance.

Our Black Friday Readiness Assessment will help you find and address the top issues that cause slow performance and site outages.

By simply providing access to your website logs, we can turn around a comprehensive actionable report in just four business days.

Review a sample report here.

This service is for companies that:

  • Have experienced slow performance and site crashes and have never found the root cause
  • Want to boost site performance to optimize conversion rates
  • Are anticipating a sudden increase in traffic due to a big marketing campaign
  • Don’t have the in-house technical expertise to address site performance issues

Our Performance Engineering practice is led by James Pulley, our Chief Performance Officer. With 30+ years experience, James is passionate about helping customers improve both the responsiveness and the scalability of software. He is a co-founder of PerfBytes, the podcast for software performance professionals. All teams are in the USA and Canada for delivery of Performance Engineering Services.

James Pulley

Chief Performance Officer