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Performance Engineering

We ensure stability at all times

Performance testing is a technical investigation done to determine or validate the speed, scalability and/or stability characteristics of the application under test. Performance testing and engineering should be incorporated throughout a system’s development, roll-out, and ongoing maintenance. This way you avoid overlooked errors, unsatisfied customers, reputation damage, and the high cost of poor quality. It is common for organizations to build applications with little or no focus on a defined performance engineering or testing capability. Even though the application has been ‘tested’, significant challenges can still be faced:

  • Poor performing applications cost money in lost productivity
  • Applications breakdown as demand grows or there are unexpected issues due to intensive load tests
  • Lack of insight into which applications or business transactions are potential risks and bottlenecks
  • Performance issues when integrating multiple applications in an E2E program (web, mobile, mainframe)
  • Unsatisfied end users and clients
  • Environment/Data locks due to excessive loading and unplanned transactions
  • Lagging behind the competition
  • Unplanned system outages & downtime
  • Expensive SWAT teams reacting to production outages

QA Consultants’ test performance group provides expert and economical testing services ‘on demand’ for any industry or project size. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to maximize client application and system performance and scalability under a variety of conditions. Performance testing can be delivered through our Toronto-based TestFactory™ centre of excellence, at the client site or through a hybrid model. We have tested a wide range of platforms, operating systems and devices to suit any heterogeneous infrastructure. Read more about the video here:

Performance Services

QAC understands the importance of planning, designing, and delivering specialized testing in large, public system deployments.  Furthermore, the importance of establishing a specialized testing process and conducting thorough knowledge transfer is key for ongoing management and maintenance.

Our performance testing capabilities help our clients to:

Maximize ROI from Performance testing through consolidation and standardization
Reduce production support costs by ensuring fewer performance defects and systems memory leaks from the production environment
Deliver higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement with improved quality
Minimize time to market for new functionalities/ upgrades / migrations

Our Toronto-based Performance Testing Centre of Excellence can deliver a wide range of services for clients to enhance application performance, improve business productivity, reduce defects, and meet business goals. These include:

  • Performance Test Strategy (Review Business Objectives, Establish performance goals/requirements and planning for Scalability, Availability, Reliability)
  • Architecture Performance Review
  • Implementation / Code Review
  • Performance Testing/Executions
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning and Scalability Testing
  • Performance Analysis and Identification of Bottlenecks
  • Performance Tuning
  • Performance Benchmarking

Planning and managing Performance testing projects can be a large, complete undertaking.

As part of our specialized testing services, we operate, unlike traditional IT consulting companies. Our unique capabilities include:

  • A complete range of testing services – from staff augmentation to fully managed QA outsourcing services (including managed testing environments & infrastructure)
  • Innovative TestFactory™ is a unique Toronto-based Canadian bridge to off-shore providers, delivering superior value and flexibility
  • We bring relevant industry knowledge and testing expertise as part of our Non-functional QA solutions
  • Experience with various legacy mainframes, critical infrastructures, client-servers, and ERP modules including Microsoft, Siebel, SAP, PeopleSoft, Remedy, & Oracle
  • Non-Functional Test Design & Implementation experience;
  • Tools independence, with multiple vendor partnerships
  • Ground-breaking project work in mobile testing, forensic testing, application security testing, and optimal best practice methodologies
  • Advanced skills in Gaming, Automation, Network, and Digital Experience testing

Our clients benefit from our deep focus on all aspects of Quality Assurance and testing. We deliver a complete range of testing services to clients,

The performance testing group delivers superior value and quality by leveraging industry-leading expertise and capabilities including high levels of automation and global testing best practices. Cost of tools can be included in our pricing, which is a key differentiator.

Comprehensive services

Testing Service Examples of value
Response time analysis Faster page loading
Multi-platform consistency
Throughput and concurrency Higher Throughput
Potential scalability
Load test Peak load determination
System optimization
Stress and Spike Determine crash and out of memory conditions
System tuning Optimal system designs
Improved response time

Our Approach and Methodology:

Performance testing is one of the core competencies of QA Consultants’ larger end-to-end performance engineering capability, which our clients can leverage to manage the health and effectiveness of their applications. Our capabilities include performance diagnostics, validation of application performance, proactive performance monitoring, application capacity planning, and modelling. We also manage the custom development of tools such as test harnesses and environment virtualization. All of these tools and skills combined to work toward ensuring improved productivity, increased quality, and increased speed to market with support available for both agile and waterfall delivery models.

Performance Testing Clients

Below is a sample of our performance testing clients:

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Performance Tools

Below is a sample of the performance testing tools that we use regularly:

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