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QA Consultants is the first and leading provider of compliance testing to meet the Government of Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. The Act’s objective is to make websites and applications accessible to users with various disabilities (auditory, visual, cognitive and motor) through the application of user interface (UI) standards and incompatibilities with a third-party application.

AODA Mandate

The AODA mandate commenced on January 1, 2012, and applies to all private and public organizations that provide goods and services to the public. Our experienced compliance solutions team ensures that an organization’s website content and user interface complies with AODA’s requirements – following the principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. We apply our proven testing methodology, pre-built test cases and industry expertise to quickly and effectively evaluate a website and estimate potential risks and ideal fixes.

Overview of WCAG 2.0 Requirements

Guidelines General requirements
Perceivable Is the information and UI presented in a way that is distinguishable and adaptable, with alternatives to time-based media and text?
Operable Does the UI provide sufficient keyboard accessibility, time and navigation to be operable without triggering seizures?
Understandable Is the information and UI readable and predictable with options of input assistance?
Robust Determine crash and out of memory conditions

A Level and AA Level AODA Compliance

It’s important for your organization to become A and AA compliant. By becoming A and AA compliant, you can:

  • satisfy the Ontario government requirements
  • retain and or gain customers
  • maintain favourable social responsibility
  • reduce regulatory and business risk
  • enhance website performance and quality
  • improve user access and satisfaction

If your website and mobile apps are not compliant, your organization runs the risk of experiencing a regulatory audit, bad publicity and missing out on an important user community.

A proven approach to testing

Our AODA compliance testing solutions use the following three-step approach to reduce risk, enhance web performance and improve user access:

1. Client discovery
Deliverable: Report outlining findings, the scope of requirements

  • What are the relevant WCAG specifications for the website and application?
  • What elements of the web site should be tested?
  • Where else on the website can WCAG be implemented for improved

2. Build simulated real-user the environment
Deliverable: Report outlining findings, the scope of requirements

  • Use identified requirements from Discovery (phase 1) to define hardware,
    software, tools & settings in order to simulate the real-world set-up of daily
    use environment for a person with a disability

3. Test case selection, updating and execution
Deliverable: Report outlining defects and web site recommendations

  • What are in scope test cases, pre-built and net new?
  • Undertake testing

AODA Compliance Service

QA Consultants offers an A Level and AA Level AODA compliance audits.


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