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Webinar: QA Consultants & Tricentis – Cost-Effective Cloud Performance Testing with NeoLoad

Visit the Neotys site and read the document mentioned in the video. Learn how to install Neoload Web as a stand-alone private cloud implementation. This document is for Neotys customers who may need to use an on-premise installation, in addition to the publicly available SaaS version provided by Neotys at

These instructions are specific to implementing Neoload Web as a managed Kubernetes cluster using Amazon AWS cloud, and specifically the Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for the deployment.

Discussion topics:

  • Why use NeoLoad?
  • Why use EKS?
  • What is the ROI of deploying NeoLoad in EKS?


  • Brian Bernknopf, Managing Director, US Operations at QA Consultants
  • Scott Moore, Director of Customer Engineering at Tricentis
  • Paul Bruce, Director of Customer Engineering at Tricentis

Webinar: Avoid App QA Debt: Managing Risks with Apple & Android Updates

Together with Kobiton, QA Consultants hosted a webinar entitled, “Avoid App QA Debt: Managing Risks with Apple & Android Updates”.

Discussion topics:

  • Strategies to align your development and QA teams
  • Best practices to increase test coverage with a limited BETA release


  • Paul Grizzaffi, Principal Automation Architect at Magenic
  • John Gibson, Software Engineering Manager at Opentext
  • Janna Loeffler, Director of Test Engineering at Equinox
  • Brian Bernknopf, Managing Director, US Operations at QA Consultants
  • Kyle McMeekin, VP of Channel at Kobiton

Webinar: Celebrating Women in Digital Transformation Live Chat

In conjunction with March 8th International Women’s Day and its mission to celebrate digital advancement and champion the women forging innovation through technology, QA Consultants is pleased to present an engaging Live Cast chat with a league of women technology professionals.

Discussion topics:

  • How does the change with the DevOps world impact women making changes to digital transformation? Has the glass ceiling changed?
  • How can AI be intelligent and unbiased if it is not developed with diverse teams?
  • What can women in IT do to help themselves, and what should firms do?
  • How can firms set targets and be made accountable? Do diversity committees make a difference?
  • What sort of progress would you like to see in 2021?
  • What has been the impact of COVID on women and diversity in IT? How can women nurture the “engineering mindset”?


  • Gabby Szasz, QA Consultants; Head of Advisory Services
  • Erika Chestnut, Calendly; Head of Quality Assurance
  • Star Carter, Kanarys; Co-Founder & COO
  • Sem Ponnambalam, Xahive; President
  • Olena Polissky, Art One Translations; Founder and Managing Director

Webinar: Diversity in Software Development and QA

QA Consultants was proud to have taken part in “The QA Financial 2021 Vision Series”. In this webinar, four highly respected women leaders discussed the rewards and challenges for effective and ineffective inclusion within the software development industry.

Topics included:

  • How should companies increase diversity in tech teams?
  • DevOps and diversity – what are the upsides?
  • How to break through the IT glass ceiling?
  • How has diversity changed companies?


  • Gabriella Szasz, Senior Partner, Head of Advisory Services – QA Consultants
  • Shohreh Mouri, VP Quality Engineering – RBC
  • Allyson Stuart, Global Head of Quality Engineering, Refinitiv, an LSEG Business
  • Shalini Chaudhari, AVP, Senior Industry Principal – Infosys

Webinar: IoT /IIoT Regulatory and Software SOS! (Security, Outlook and Safety)

Watch a panel of experts in regulatory compliance, software application quality, and cyber-security, discuss the latest hurdles, advances, and cautions for the Internet of Things (IoT/IIot) industry. In this open discussion format, you will hear the unique perspectives, implications of recent Internet of Things (IoT/IIot) case studies, and risk foresight designed for CISO’s, Compliance Officers, and Quality Assurance executives of Internet of Things (IoT/IIot) device manufacturers and Internet of Things (IoT/IIot) industry stakeholders. Following the panel perspectives, the format will be opened to participants for peer discussion and Q&A.


  • Michael Cation: Chairman & CEO of SmarteBuilding
  • Brian Bernknopf: Managing Director at QA Consultants
  • Gordon Hurst: CEO of MiCOM Labs
  • Steve McGeown: Managing Director at 360Secure

Webinar: Building a Performance Engineering Culture

Join Scott Moore, Performance expert, as he goes through the following topics:

  • What is Performance Engineering?
  • Why do we need it?
  • What is the difference between testing and engineering?
  • How is performance addressed in DevOps?
  • How do I start building a performance engineering culture today?

Webinar: Smarter Testing. Superior Outcomes.

This is the video recording of the virtual Lunch and Learn hosted by QA Consultants and presented by Micro Focus on July 29, 2020.

The discussion included:

  • The latest innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning that help improve quality assurance and functional testing
  • How Micro Focus addresses and solves continuous delivery issues facing the software industry today

Speaker: Bryan Cole ADM Practice Manager, Americas
Company: Micro Focus

Webinar: 20/20 A vision for future-proofing Technology in the new decade

In this video, experts in the industry speak about key cybersecurity, technology and software quality opportunities to fortify our businesses in this special webinar for technology executives. From QA Consultants, Bill Klages, VP Influencer & Partner Relations, spoke at the 20/20 – A Vision for Future-Proofing Technology in the New Decade webinar. The presentation also included a speaker from BlackBerry-Cylance and xahive. The special guest was Todd Siegel, Resident Agent in Charge, Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the Office of Professional Responsibility from the Department of Homeland Security in San Diego, who spoke about the cybersecurity risks associated with teleworking.

Topics discussed:

  • 2019 Global & U.S. cybersecurity data
  • Why IoT & endpoint cybersecurity is important
  • Why it is important to have in place secure critical communication
  • Cybersecurity best practices tips for protecting your organization & value-chain.

Webinar: Build it, fix it, test it, best it

Watch as Brian Bernknopf (QA Consultants’ Managing Director) faces off with Brice McBeth (Founder & CEO of Reap Marketing) on two sides of “Testing”: A/B vs. Software Quality. The forum will be moderated by Bill Hartzer of Hartzer Consulting and followed by a live Q&A.

Topics discussed:

  • What is the right time for testing? When is the right time and best process?
  • How do you get the most out of a QA Vendor / AB Test?
  • How do you know when testing is done?
  • How do the dollars relate?
  • Testing regarding security
  • QA will show you how you’ve messed up, AB will show you how far you can take it