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QA Consultants expert James Pulley delivers live webinar with Tricentis on avoiding Super Bowl advertising failures with Performance Engineering

Toronto, Ontario – QA Consultants’ (QAC) Chief Performance Officer James Pulley will deliver a live webinar with Tricentis’ Partner Solution Architect Bill Daniels to a national audience on February 8, 2024, at 11:00 AM EST focused on the importance of performance engineering in large spot advertisements.

The thirty-minute session, “Touchdowns Beyond the Screen: Mastering Super Bowl Advertising Performance with Performance Engineering,” will explore several epic Super Bowl spot ad failures and share a model to understand the risk of failure under spot loads for Super Bowl or other large-scale, large-risk events. Airing days before Super Bowl LVIII, the webinar seizes the moment – and the fascination – with the world’s most premium advertising spots that have been known to make (and break) brands.

Super Bowl ads are the equivalent of a fourth quarter, tie-breaking touchdown in the NFL. Just as Super Bowl champs are only as good as their weakest link, advertising campaigns are only as good as the MarTech stack supporting them. Considering over 115 million people viewed the 2023 Super Bowl worldwide, advertiser playbooks need to perform and be at the top of their “game.” And with 76% of the viewers just as excited to watch the ads as the game itself., and each 30-second ad spot costing $7M USD, performance – on and off the field and online – is everything. Yet, without fail, at least one of the Super Bowl advertiser websites crashes every year.

Learn more about this annual tradition of high-stakes advertising and risk mitigation strategies in this timely online seminar and watch for free. The live program will be followed by an interactive 15-minute question and answer session with the experts. A recording of the online seminar with accompanying leave-behind tools and resources will be available for all registrants, including those unable to attend the live program.

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Mastering Super Bowl Ad Performance with Performance Engineering

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