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Digital Media

Flawless Customer Experience. Guaranteed.

Clients expect their interactive agency to guard the reputation of their products and company. Quality assurance testing protects a client’s brand reputation by verifying that their customers’ experiences with their product, website, app, and campaign are consistently positive.

When executed, QA Consultants’ services keep launch plans on time and on budget by identifying shortcomings that cause delays and additional development costs for agencies and agency clients. Clients demand their interactive agency makes sure that their products, websites, apps, and campaigns function and perform properly. Clients want quality assurance to address look and feel (U.I.), interactivity (U.X.) feature functionality, and performance under normal conditions across operating systems and browsers. QA Consultants test digital products in a variety of ways such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, data testing, and integration testing. This testing ensures that digital products perform properly and within UI expectations

QA Consultants offers the following QA qualities:

  • The ability to bring, and use, tools that make QA more efficient
  • A track record in addressing the unique demands and culture of digital agencies
  • Flexible pricing options that allow you to only pay for QA on the tasks that matter to you
  • The dexterity to get up-and-running quickly on projects by creating QA plans or following existing QA priorities
  • The capability to translate QA results into terms that your development team can act upon
  • The willingness to provide cost estimates for QA when bidding on forthcoming projects

With digital marketing agencies increasingly ‘white labelling’ and re-selling QA services to clients, an additional source of regularly recurring revenue is created. The most value in quality assurance testing includes the number of ‘high risk’ test cases completed and the breadth of test cases completed. The ultimate metric is the number of flaws that make their way into production prior to, and after, QA is conducted. As seasoned professionals, QA Consultants are methodical, detail-oriented, and highly efficient. To help consistently achieve high levels of performance, we understand how important it is to hit target timelines, budgets, and generate required reports.

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