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Cineplex Digital Media

Case Study: Advisory Services

  • Digital Menu Board delivery to client was encountering issues with regards to both quality and speed of delivery to client
  • Testing – though undertaken – was occurring late in the process, by only one group, and lacking sufficient coverage
  • Tools and processes employed for project and test assets and activities were disparate and insufficient
  • Resultant testing maturity level was at Level 2: Quality Initializing
  • Digital Menu Boards provided for major retailers in the fast food industry
  • Menu Boards have dynamic content and animation
  • Price and calories updated from separate interface
QAC engaged Cineplex in an advisory and implementation role to establish:

  • QA oriented processes & practices
  • JIRA usage for test asset management
  • QA enhanced roles & responsibilities
  • Enhanced internal- & external- communications
  • Metrics & measures to gauge QA activities
  • JIRA, Processes, Role, Activities, and Metrics established via coaching and training aids
  • Internal and External communication improved resulting in better insight into issues earlier
  • Jira implementation in concert with Quality Checklists aid in enforcing testing due diligence
  • Testing Maturity increased to Level 3: Quality Conscious
  • Daily Stand up ceremonies significantly improved team communications
  • Better 2-way communication channel established with partners for long term planning, scope control, and quality issues.

Cineplex Digital Media case study (PDF)