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Case Study: Performance Testing

“QA Consultants provided a complete solution that we can use to augment our existing performance test activities with continuous performance tuning. The project was under budget and hugely insightful to our engineering teams.”

– Mickey Rogers, Director of Engineering, Agility
  • Looking for a continuous tuning solution to support Agility application required experience with integrated performance testing and engineering
  • With cloud migration, a solution for right-sizing and continuous improvement was needed that could work with existing on-premise architecture as well
  • Needed to measure and validate any performance improvements as a result of database tuning and to profile the database under load
  • QAC conducted performance testing that mimicked production usage for the whole app
  • Implemented Neoload and DB Marlin to streamline automation, monitoring, and analysis
  • Implemented a private cloud edition of Neoload Web on Amazon EKS (Kubernetes) to lower cost and ease the pain of upgrades
  • Isolated the database layer and gained deep visibility into troublesome areas quickly
  • Future proofed the testing for reuse in a Continuous Integration pipeline
  • Trained/Mentored internal staff with full a seamless knowledge transfer experience
  • Velocity reduction in tool setup and automation
  • Lower cost of test administration and ongoing maintenance
  • Continuous Performance Testing case study (PDF)