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Case Study: Performance Testing

QA Consultants was asked by to assist them with optimizing their existing software system. The main challenge faced was the need for a continuous integrated performance solution to support their cloud application. During a 6-week program, The QA Consultants team was able to optimize the system using the NeoLoad tool from Tricentis and DB Marlin from Application Performance for performance engineering and testing, monitoring, and analysis. The Performance Engineering practice of QA Consultants, alongside the rest of the’s team, implemented a unique model to support their container based continuous deployment model and rapidly enable to manage going forward. As a result, our client gained deep visibility into troublesome areas quickly, and optimized the product for growth while enabling a continuous testing approach and training and mentoring the current team.
“QA Consultants provided a complete solution that we can use to augment our existing performance test activities with continuous performance tuning. The project was under budget and hugely insightful to our engineering teams.”

– Mickey Rogers, Director of Engineering, Agility
  • Looking for a continuous tuning solution to support Agility application required experience with integrated performance testing and engineering
  • With cloud migration, a solution for right-sizing and continuous improvement was needed that could work with existing on-premise architecture as well
  • Needed to measure and validate any performance improvements as a result of database tuning and to profile the database under load
  • QAC conducted performance testing that mimicked production usage for the whole app
  • Implemented Neoload and DB Marlin to streamline automation, monitoring, and analysis
  • Implemented a private cloud edition of Neoload Web on Amazon EKS (Kubernetes) to lower cost and ease the pain of upgrades
  • Isolated the database layer and gained deep visibility into troublesome areas quickly
  • Future proofed the testing for reuse in a Continuous Integration pipeline
  • Trained/Mentored internal staff with full a seamless knowledge transfer experience
  • Velocity reduction in tool setup and automation
  • Lower cost of test administration and ongoing maintenance
  • Continuous Performance Testing case study (PDF)