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Test Factory™

North American answer to offshore and remote testing

The economics and realities of outsourcing testing in Asia have changed. Thanks to changes in labour rates, currency values, and the ease of doing business, it is now cheaper and easier to test mission-critical applications in Canada than in many parts of India or China.

Additionally, business needs change on a regular basis. QA Consultants has been offering remote work since 2008. The TestFactory™ is the perfect solution for remote work. Our professional testing team never has to step foot into your office.

QA Consultants’ answer to offshore and remote-based quality assurance software testing is the Toronto-based Test Factory™. The Test Factory™ is the next generation of software testing, providing superior quality, cost and service alternative to offshore providers and external contractors. The centre can handle any testing project of any size, with any application and for any industry.

The Test Factory™ was designed from the ground up for performance.

  • Low cost, local business model – Reduce India fatigue, cost and risk by eliminating transactional and travel costs, as well as culture and time differences
  • Personal touch service – Deal directly with your team and improve responsiveness and troubleshooting
  • Extensive use of automation – Minimizes the cost of testing and error rates while supporting rapid scalability
  • Available client dashboards – Enable 24/7 monitoring and management by clients
  • Customizable billing options – You will always know in advance what your cost of testing will be, providing budget certainty and easier ROI determination
  • A number of proprietary innovations deliver the Test Factory™’s superior value.

We employ full-time, vetted and Canadian-educated testers who easily interface with your organization. They are fully trained on multiple applications, platforms and business competencies such as project management.

Take a tour of the Test Factory™

The Test Factory™ leverages the latest in testing automation to reduce costs and improve scalability
All projects use our patent-pending, risk-based testing methodologies that improve testing performance, minimize project time and reduce risk.

The operations are housed in a specially designed 30,000 square-foot industry-grade Toronto facility. You get peace of mind knowing that your IP is fully secure and accessible.

All business development and relationship managers have project responsibility, ensuring accountability and full project transparency.

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