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White Paper: What is the Best Test Automation Approach?

We are regularly called upon for advice on designing and deploying test automation tools and frameworks. Choosing the right automation approach is vital for ensuring proper testing, minimizing development cost and delivering the lowest possible ongoing maintenance expenses. This dialogue usually begins with a simple but important client question: which automation approach works best? Based on our experience delivering hundreds of automation projects, we can confidently answer: it depends.

In this whitepaper, we go over the best automation testing approaches, a summary of their functionality plus usage, and the pros and cons of each one.

Table of Contents:

  1. Record & Playback
  2. Record & Playback Enhanced
  3. Data-Driven Frameworks
  4. Keyword-Driven Frameworks, also known as table-driven or action word testing
  5. Hybrid Keyword/Data-Driven Framework

Download our whitepaper on “What is the Best Test Automation Approach”.