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Analytics 4 Life

Case Study: Test Automation (API), Functional, Performance, and Security testing

  • A4L was seeking a partner with strong test expertise to design and execute testing in the following areas:

    • API testing
    • Performance scripts to validate load and standard response time
    • Security testing to uncover any flaws in the system that could compromise data and functionality
    • Compatibility and accessibility testing to validate functionality and compliance to ADA standards
  • A4L team was not accustomed to communicating their internal process standards to vendors they had not used previously and this brought about a number of challenges

    • Documentation standards
    • Churn for internal reviews
    • Use of tools
    • Process standards
  • Accessibility Testing was a new area for A4L, which QAC provided expertise in
  • QAC had to determine how to test 27 Web Services effectively and in limited time
  • QAC provided training to the A4L team on usage of both Jira and Zephyr
  • A comprehensive set of tools were recommended and introduced to A4L to manage the project

    • Jira and Zephyr to manage execution and results
    • SOAP UI to test all Application Programming interfaces
    • Load runner for performance to test the capacity of this first of a kind solution
  • QAC team managed all deliverables to satisfy FDA requirements
  • Team had to test 27 Web services and designed 700 test cases, which were automated using SOAP UI
  • Analytics 4 Life is a digital health company. Using AI to Diagnose Coronary Artery Disease at the Point-of-Care
  • The digital health company’s cardiac imaging tech is designed to help physicians assess the presence of coronary artery disease using signals from the body – without the use of radiation or contrast agents.
  • QA completed all deliverables required to fulfil FDA requirements

    • Operational Performance Qualification plan
    • Tools validation plans for SOAP UI/LoadRunner and Jira/Zephyr
    • Software Specification Requirements (tools)
    • Test Cases
    • Traceability Matrix
    • Deviation reports
    • Summary of test results
  • Significant contributor to completing projects on time and with higher quality
  • Introduced a comprehensive set of tools to A4L to manage testing execution and reporting
  • Provided all required audit documentation to meet FDA requirements
  • Provided resources at lower cost than FTE or local contractors

Analytics 4 Life case study (PDF)