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Case Study: Performance Testing

  • Loblaw is a major Canadian grocery retailer in the midst of a major supply chain transformation that is slated to be completed in 2014. Loblaw is experiencing high levels of competition and margin compression. The company is in the process of rolling out new technology from 10% (pilot) to 80% of their stores in order to improve operational efficiencies, enhance decision making and minimize out of stocks. Of note, this is the largest SAP roll-out in the world.
  • QA Consulting was engaged to provide performance testing such as regression testing and defect management for over 100 applications within a heterogeneous enterprise infrastructure. The project challenges are threefold: ) perform the testing within a tight time window; 2) deliver high quality work to offset significant business risk and 2) cope with significant project complexity driven by the massive amounts of data, customized reporting and multiple integration points between applications.
  • We are delivering a hybrid testing solution made up of our Test Factory centre of excellence and Staff Augmentation resources. The mission critical nature of this project requires that we provide only the best QA managers, testers and tools with extensive retail experience. Furthermore, the risks and uncertainties associated with project require a high level of on-site relationship management support and detailed performance reporting.
  • We have met all of the project financial and delivery goals as well as exceeded client relationship expectations. Versus the IT services incumbent, we are delivering a 22% labour cost savings with our Staff Augmentation resources and an impressive 26% savings with our Test Factory offering. As proof of our value, our Loblaw business relationship has increased over 40% since 2008.

Loblaws case study (PDF)