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How to get rid of boilerplate code

The issue When it comes to how coding works, some programming languages like C, C++, and Java require every little detail be fussed over, scrutinized, and reviewed with a fine-tooth comb. Learning to code with these intricate nuances becomes a craft in itself. This may require a coder to write a lot of sections of […]

Blog series: QAC Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance (No. 8)

QAC Automotive and Robotics (QAaR) Quality Assurance Welcome to the eighth edition of the QAaR newsletter. In this edition, we’ll be sharing a bit of the state-of-the-art automotive cybersecurity. Here, you’ll learn more details about the challenges and threats that a cybersecurity attack might present to the automotive domain and how quality assurance is crucial […]

Blog series: QAC Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance (No. 7)

QAC Automotive and Robotics (QAaR) Quality Assurance Welcome to the seventh edition of the QAaR newsletter. In this edition, we’ll focus on sharing more information about vehicle data and different types of communication networks that might be part of a vehicle. This document will go into more detail about the most important communication protocol in […]

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Blog series: QAC Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance (No. 6)

QAC Automotive and Robotics (QAaR) Quality Assurance Welcome to the sixth edition of the QAaR newsletter. In this edition, we’ll focus on sharing more information about vehicle data and different types of communication networks that might be part of a vehicle. This document will go into more detail about the most important communication protocol in […]

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Reliable Software Quality Assurance is More Vital than Ever

Reliable software quality assurance is more vital than ever To say the pandemic has changed the world is an obvious understatement. As we navigate the immediate recovery period and the long term, many businesses will want to rethink their approach to aspects of their operations, especially when it comes to remote work flexibility, talent acquisition, […]


In this edition, we’ll focus on sharing more information about model-based testing and why they are needed for automotive system testing. This blog post shows how QAC developed different ways to abstract real-world scenarios and develop them through models that can be analyzed by algorithms and create test cases from them. QA Consultants’ Automotive and […]

Offshoring is great until it’s NOT!

Achieving speed to market with software quality and reduced security vulnerability is risky enough. What if you could substantially reduce your risk in outsourcing QA by right shoring to a U.S./Canadian model? Keep in mind that remote work and offshore work are not the same. Having QA testers not in the same room physically can […]

Medical devices compliance and electronic equipment safety standards

Are your medical devices compliant to performance and electronic equipment safety standards? As a general rule, medical electronic equipment needs to be tested for safety and performance to meet government regulations before the product is introduced into the market. IEC 60601-1 is the de facto standard widely accepted by countries around the world to test […]

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Is your site WCAG compliant?

Is your organization reaching EVERYONE? Is your site accessible to every user? Is your messaging reaching people? In the new world, web content accessibility is more important than ever. Alleviate website frustrations and become compliant. The world has become a different place in the last month or two.  The general population is social distancing and isolating at home […]

Blog series: QAC Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance (No. 4)

QA Consultants’ Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance Workstreams Research and Grand Projects Grant budgets allow for research and development of new technologies that position QAC to become a world leader in quality assurance services. AQS (Automotive Quality Services) Testing and Quality Assurances services exclusively developed for Automotive and Autonomous Road vehicles. RQS (Robotics Quality Services) […]

Performance Engineering and Performance Testing

By Scott Moore for QA Consultants February 2020   Performance Engineering and Performance Testing are related but are not the same thing. Testing is one discipline of engineering. The following illustration shows the breadth of identifying performance engineering: As the illustration shows, there is a lot more to performance than just testing. The “Quality Assurance” […]

Robotics and small autonomous and connected vehicles automated testing

It’s crucial to develop reliable systems that allow robots to be instrumental to users. Robots and small A/C vehicles require quality assurance testing to validate system functionality. Such testing provides confidence that a system will perform as expected. It also allows for a tester to understand the weaknesses, problems, and user constraints. Testing robotic systems […]

Cannabis: Creating a Culture of Trust and Quality

2019 was a year of tremendous advances in the North American cannabis marketplace. In October, Canada celebrated its first anniversary of full federal legalization with a new wave of edible, topical and derivative products coming to market. In the U.S., California, the world’s largest legal cannabis market closed its 2nd full year of recreational access. […]

QA Consultants’ automotive testing journey

QA Consultants is part of a new era in vehicle technology identifying automotive industry gaps and quality issues. For twenty-plus years, QA Consultants has been a leader in quality and is poised to address automotive quality issues. By partnering with global experts and organizations, the QA Consultants team is ready to tackle automotive testing challenges. […]

Blog series: QAC Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance (No. 3)

The QAaR team has developed new technologies for performing automotive SIT using HIL methods. A set of components, and their relationship in a vehicle representation (meta-model), has been developed.   Find out how QA Consultants can help your company achieve your goals. Click here to contact us and start a conversation. Read our previous newsletters […]

Automotive System Integration Testing (SIT) framework

Automotive System Integration Testing (SIT) FRAMEWORK A few years ago, collision and lane change avoidance technology were primitive. Nowadays, the technology has been updated with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These new systems introduced a new design and test challenges. Modern ADAS architecture combines complex sensing, processing, and algorithmic technologies into what will ultimately become […]

Quality Assurance and Company Maturity Assessment 

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”  –Will A Foster These days phrases like quality assurance and quality control (testing) are used almost interchangeably. However, it’s important to make a distinction between the two. […]

Blog series: QAC Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance (No. 2)

  In this edition, we’ll focus on the XIVT project plenary meetings that happened in Istanbul, Turkey, during November. The issue also focuses on our QAaR L&L (lunch and learn) events, what was discussed during our first meeting in December, and ideas for the next internal L&L sessions.   Within the XIVT project, a method […]

Blog series: QAC Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance (No. 1)

QAC Automotive and Robotics (QAaR) Quality Assurance QA Consultants is supporting rapid technology growth of the future in Automotive, Autonomous Vehicle, Robotics, and Cybersecurity. OUR AUTOMOTIVE AND ROBOTICS QUALITY ASSURANCE WORKSTREAMS Research and Grant Projects Grant budgets allow for research and development of new technologies that position QAC to become a world leader in quality […]

QA Consultants helps a client become agile, in-sprint, and bug free

A financial arm of a large retail institution had embarked upon a pilot agile project as the first step in a larger corporate-wide agile and digital transformation. The project itself centred around the system for the client’s credit card management. Upon an initial discovery session, QA Consultants discovered that there wasn’t a formal testing process […]

QA Consultants’ performance testing runs full steam ahead with transit client

QA Consultants was tasked with establishing an independent, full-featured performance testing and engineering service for Canada’s largest transit farecard platform. As a result, QAC delivered performance testing strategy, tools, automated performance scripting and execution, plus defect management with experienced onshore Canadian resources. Highlights of this engagement include: Performance testing strategy Integrated performance test project planning […]

QA Consultants solves mobile testing red flag issue

  A global insurance company encountered significant challenges with delivery quality and time to market. The client had committed a common red flag mistake of using the same vendor for development and testing. This vendor had not utilized any formal quality and testing practices and processes. Upon inspection, QA Consultants discovered the mobile app as […]

QA Consultants saves Toronto Hydro up to $85 Million with SAP integration

QA Consultants recently completed the largest SAP footprint implementation in Canada.  The project utilized a “big bang” implementation approach which was high risk, especially from a quality perspective.  The launch was very successful and a huge win and accomplishment for Toronto Hydro, Robert Wong, and the Toronto Hydro SAP teams.  This implementation and the QA […]

QA Consultants’ Test Automation solution solves a 14 yearlong problem

QA Consultants’ Automation win A Canadian government ministry contacted QA Consultants to attempt test automation that had previously failed. The issue revolved around their main tool-of-record application, which employs mainframe user interface components. The manual test effort involved regression test execution that was no longer viable. For fourteen years, previous attempts at test automation had […]

Blue screen of death

Test it: QA and Testing Advice made easy

Remember the blue screen of death? When was the last time an app or software failed spectacularly that a simple reboot wouldn’t work? It’s been a while. Mostly, this is due to advanced developers coding to a higher standard. Programs have become smarter and complex since the days of dial-up. Behind every developer is the […]

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Is Katalon Studio the best Software Testing Tool of 2019?

In 2019, test automation and automation testers have never been more in demand.  As a result, everyone wants to automate. Providing this QA service satisfies the need for delivering fast and high-quality applications that exceed customer expectations. Now, through the usage of test management or test automation tools, teams can avoid spending excessive amounts of […]

Katalon Studio vs. Custom Selenium test automation framework

Although Katalon Studio is a brand-new software test automation framework, it’s steadily becoming a fan favourite. The new framework has garnered attention to become Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for test automation, ahead of Micro Focus, Microsoft, Parasoft, Selenium and other known tools for the automation market. After utilizing this powerful tool, it’s easy to […]

Choosing Agile Tools & Agile Methodologies

How does one decide? QAC supercharges Agile development by leveraging and tailoring our proven Waterfall testing approach to the unique demands of Agile projects. In Agile environments, all types of testing tools and methodologies are used, depending on the technical requirements. For example, we have undertaken regression testing, load testing, and security testing to name but […]

QA Consultants: Test Automation

What QAC Automation Engineers Can Offer   Comprehensive Test Automation Solution Delivery Software development requires continuous testing whether it be manual or automated. Software testing goes hand-in-hand with the user interface, the testing framework, test tools, and test scripting. Though there are various types of testing such as regression testing, unit testing, development testing, manual […]

QA Consultants opens the QAC Software Test Bay

On March 28, 2019, QA Consultants had the distinct pleasure of officially announcing the grand opening of the QA Consultants Software Test Bay. The union formalizes the partnership with Ontario Tech University‘s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) and QA Consultants. The lab will be dedicated to the following types of testing services: Vehicle operating systems, […]