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3 Reasons Why Quality Engineering Matters More During COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced many brands to rely on digital channels to communicate, engage and sell to their customers. Without any in-person options, the digital customer experience has the power to determine whether a brand succeeds or fails. In this landscape, your digital experience must succeed – which is why quality engineering can’t be an afterthought. Keep reading for the top 3 reasons why quality engineering is more important than every during COVID-19.

1. It eliminates risk

Offshoring – often the go-to for companies who think it saves costs – brings other concerns as well. Many IT-intensive companies have now come to the realization that offshoring vital activities, knowledge, and capabilities is simply too risky.

Dealing with offshoring outsourcers continues to be fraught with danger, including the security of IP, brand assets, massive currency swings, and higher-than-expected costs. It takes time to find and keep the right resources; it is expensive to support an infrastructure and it can be a cumbersome undertaking because of administrative and recruiting complexities.

2. It reduces costs

What happens when companies cut corners and test in production? Costs usually double and blow the budget sky high.

By planning for professional, well-managed QE upfront and adopting a “shift left” mentality, things get done right the first time. Specialized knowledge means that software testers are up-and-running immediately rather than experiencing a learning curve to understand unique testing requirements.

3. It positions your brand for growth

Every business wants to maintain a customer base and expand. With busy timelines, QE is often left on the chopping block. But when executed and managed properly, QE keeps launch plans on time and on budget. Well-managed QE testing identifies shortcomings without delays and additional development costs. In turn, projects run smoothly, putting you on the path to success and hopefully, causing business to boom.

Think of it this way. When done exceptionally, quality engineering makes your solution seamless for your customers. We’ve all seen what happens when it’s not a priority and the opposite occurs – a business failure makes headlines and your hard work goes down the drain. Eliminate these risks. Work with a Canada-based partner you can rely on to deliver a positive customer experience.

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