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Gold Application Delivery Management Partner for Micro Focus

QA Consultants, a pioneer in quality assurance testing, was named a Gold Application Delivery Management partner for Micro Focus as one of the top trustworthy software application testing firms to provide services for the Micro Focus products. Micro Focus, which was formerly a division of HPE is now solely a software company making software testing even more relevant.

Micro Focus recognizes firms that consistently achieve high rankings for experience, industry recognition, technical certifications, and positive client reviews. Quality Assurance [QA] is essential when it comes to delivering a reliable and predicable end-user experience. That’s why it’s important to ensure those responsible for QA are experienced and dependable.

According to Alex Rodov, QA Consultant’s Managing Partner, Quality Assurance (QA) testing is part of a rapidly growing, multi-million-dollar market. That means, in this highly competitive and dynamic marketplace, companies have a wide selection of qualified testers to choose from. Furthermore, competitors across North America aggressively pursue QA Consultants’ clients because they are among the world’s most ambitious and forward-looking companies. That these companies choose QA Consultants and remain long-standing clients is evidence that QA Consultants is in sync with them and their evolving needs. Earning the distinction as a top software application testing firm further validates that with a well-respected and independent analyst.

About Micro Focus
Micro Focus is a global enterprise software company helping customers innovate faster with lower risk. The company’s software helps customers build, operate and secure IT systems that bring together existing business logic and applications with emerging technologies to meet increasingly complex business demands.

About QA Consultants
QA Consultants helps companies maintain strong reputations for building software products and systems. QA Consultants accomplishes this by conducting comprehensive software testing. Thousands of forward-looking companies across North America have drawn upon QA Consultants’ professional services, staffing solutions, and products. For more information, visit