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Founder and CEO of QA Consultants Receives Prestigious Fellowship Award

Alex Rodov becomes a Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science

Toronto, Ontario — Alex Rodov, CEO and founder of QA Consultants, was recently inducted into the World Academy of Productivity Science (WAPS) as a Fellow. Recipients of this honor are leaders in their country who have been making significant or sustainable contributions to society.

Alex has been a driving force behind QA Consultants’ growth, establishing it as one of the world’s largest independent quality assurance and testing companies. His visionary approach has been key in defining quality assurance as a distinct field, elevating software testing to a specialized skill set. Under his leadership, QA Consultants has witnessed significant growth, developing a reputation for excellence and innovation in the quality engineering sector. Alex’s foresight led to the creation of a dedicated Research and Development Team focused on emerging technologies, propelling QA Consultants to the forefront of solving complex challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and robotics. His commitment to technological advancement has cemented QA Consultants’ position as a leader in innovative quality engineering solutions. In the spring of 2023, he published ‘The Book on Testing,’ released by Fraser Press, a comprehensive resource that has been widely acclaimed in the industry. WAPS is a division of the World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS). Their vision is to promote and develop productivity towards “achieving worldwide collaboration and sustainable growth.” Once a year, WAPS asks each region of WCPS to nominate leaders within their country.

“Fellows of WAPS are carefully selected and honored. They are individuals who are recognized by their peers and their communities for their knowledge creation and sharing, performance results achieved and/or policy implementation accomplishments that distinguish them as contributors to the field of productivity science,” stated Anita Tang, president of Royal Roots, board member of WCPS, and vice president of the World Academy of Productivity Science (WAPS).

In 2023, nominees from Canada, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Nigeria, Slovakia, India, Singapore, and the USA were chosen. On April 5, 2024, these nominees, among them being QA Consultants’ Alex Rodov, were inducted as Fellows of WAPS. These Fellows will join a group of leaders in WAPS whose mission is to link individuals and organizations around the globe who are committed to productivity improvement as a means of creating wealth and improving the quality of life for regions and nations.

“Alex has masterfully steered QA Consultants from its inception as a promising startup to its current stature as a leading provider of Quality Assurance and Engineering services in North America, serving an impressive roster of private enterprises, public companies, and government entities. His forward-thinking leadership has not only ensured the delivery of premier, cost-effective solutions across intricate software domains but has also fostered an environment of R&D, exceptional quality, and client satisfaction. This commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in our remarkable 90% customer retention rate, evidencing Alex’s extraordinary leadership qualities. Moreover, Alex’s strategic acumen and unwavering commitment caught the eye of the global engineering powerhouse, ALTEN, culminating in a significant acquisition that underscores his innovative spirit and the substantial value he contributes. Alex’s distinguished career and lasting influence on Industry solidify his status as a deserving recipient of this esteemed award.”Robert Abbey, Chief Revenue Officer, QA Consultants

As a strategic and innovative leader, and now Fellow and honorary member of WAPS, Alex will continue to steer QA Consultants in its pursuit of excellence and innovation, leveraging the synergies from its integration with the ALTEN Group, to forge new paths in the global quality engineering landscape.

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About WAPS

The World Academy of Productivity Science (WAPS) is a division of the World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS). It is comprised of individual members who support the goal of WCPS and who wish to contribute to its work.

WAPS’ Vision is to become the premier global body for the promotion and development of productivity towards achieving worldwide collaboration and sustainable growth.

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