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Canadian Tire Financial

Canadian Tire Financial was seeking a partner with strong test automation expertise to design and implement a holistic automation solution. They required comprising tools, practices, and expert resources to increase quality for their online banking application.

Industry: Financial
Service: Automation Services
Case Study: 1

Canadian Tire Case Study

Industry: Financial
Service: Test Automation Assessment, Design & Build, Roll Out & Training
Case Study: 2

Test Objective & Challenge:

  • Client needed to Optimize their SDLC Processes in order to Facilitate Faster and More Frequent Releases and Increase their Time to Market
  • Client SDLC Processes and QA Approaches needed Alignment with Best Practices, including Test Automation
  • Client QA Team, who are SMEs, are getting close to Retirement, and are fully Manual Testing Resources
  • Client sought a QA Partner with Strong Test Automation Expertise to Design and Implement a Holistic Automation Solution – Comprising Tools, Practices/Processes, and Expert Resources – That Enabled their Existing QA Team
  • Additionally, Physical Space was Limited at the CTFS site Necessitating Offsite Work with Flexibility to come Onsite


  • A Behaviour-Driven-Development Test Automation Framework was Architected and Developed Utilizing Selenium, Java and Cucumber.
  • An SDLC and Test Management Tool Ecosystem (JIRA, Confluence, Zephyr, Bitbucket, Jenkins) was Implemented to Support the Test Automation
  • The Full SDLC Process including Business Analysis, Requirement Planning, Feature File Creation, Automation Development was Implemented
  • The team was based at the QA Consultants TestFactory®


  • Successfully Delivered the Test Automation Framework, the SDLC and Test Management Ecosystem
  • Successfully Rolled out the New Test Automation Process and Integrated it into the Clients SDLC
  • Successfully Trained and Transitioned Automation Delivery to the Client Team, including Enabling Manual Testing SME Resources to support Test Automation via the Creation of Feature Files

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