Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire – Test Automation Assessment, Design & Build, Roll Out & Training

  • Client needed to optimize their SDLC processes in order to facilitate faster and more frequent releases and increase their time to market
  • Client SDLC processes and QA approaches needed alignment with best practices, including test automation
  • Client QA Team, who are SMEs, are getting close to retirement, and are fully manual testing resources
  • Client sought a QA Partner with strong test automation expertise to design and implement a holistic automation solution, using comprising tools, practices/processes, and expert resources that enabled their existing QA Team
  • Additionally, physical space was limited at the CTFS site necessitating offsite work with flexibility to come onsite

  • A behaviour-driven-development Test Automation Framework was architected and developed utilizing Selenium, Java and Cucumber
  • An SDLC and test management tool ecosystem (JIRA, Confluence, Zephyr, Bitbucket, Jenkins) was implemented to support the test automation
  • The Full SDLC Process including business analysis, requirement planning, feature file creation, automation development was implemented
  • The team was based at the QA Consultants Test Factory™

  • Successfully delivered the test automation framework, the SDLC and test management ecosystem
  • Successfully rolled out the new test automation process and integrated it into the clients’ SDLC
  • Successfully trained and transitioned automation delivery to the client team, including enabling manual testing SME Resources to support test automation via the creation of feature files