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Cybersecurity of Connected and Teleoperated Autonomous Vehicles

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Vehicle teleoperation and vehicular autonomy

Privacy and Cybersecurity Challenges in Vehicle Teleoperation and Mitigation Approaches

(White paper)

Vehicle teleoperation uses the advances in vehicular autonomy—while also taking the advantage of human vigilance.

This white paper aims to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with vehicle teleoperation. First, we inform the reader about the challenges and opportunities of vehicle teleoperation. Afterward, we explore the data privacy and cybersecurity challenges and provide recommendations to mitigate these challenges.

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Why automotive cybersecurity is important

Cybersecurity for Connected Autonomous Vehicles

(White paper)

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) share a high volume of data and specific information by accessing a digital infrastructure that includes public internet access. With different devices, vehicles can connect and share data from on- board sensors and road infrastructure. This sharing of data, inclusive of personal data, ends up making vehicles more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

QA Consultants, in collaboration with Ontario Tech University, has conducted extensive research on state-of-the-art CAV cybersecurity and consolidated automotive security vulnerabilities challenges.

As a result of this research, QA Consultants has invested in developing an advanced automated cybersecurity test framework to detect and find solutions to existing cybersecurity vulnerabilities in CAVs.

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