QA Consultants Determines Most Stable Graphics Driver in the Industry



Date: July 16, 2018

Toronto, Ontario (July 16, 2018) – As independent third-party experts in the software quality assurance and testing industry for over 20 years, QA Consultants has conducted over 5,000+ mission-critical projects and has extensive testing experience and depth in various industries. Based in Toronto, Ontario, QA Consultants is the largest on-shore software quality assurance company, with a 30,000 sq. ft., industry-grade facility called The Test Factory™.

Commissioned by AMD, QA Consultants used Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) to conduct a 12-day head-to-head test comparing AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers. The test compared 12 GPU’s, six from AMD and six from NVIDIA, running on 12 identical machines. All machines were configured with Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Both gaming and professional GPUs were equally represented in the testing. After running for 12 days of 24-hour stress tests, the aggregate of AMD products passed 93% of the scheduled tests. The aggregate of NVIDIA products passed 82% of the scheduled tests.

Based on the results of testing the 12 GPUs, QA Consultants concludes that AMD has the most stable graphics driver in the industry. The detailed report can be found here.

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QA Consultants is the North American leader in software quality assurance and testing services. Having successfully delivered over 5,000 testing and consulting projects to a variety of sectors including automotive and transportation, advertising and marketing, banking and finance, construction, media and entertainment, US & Canadian Federal State and Local government, healthcare, insurance, retail, hospitality, and telecommunications.

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