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Guidewire Automated Testing Solutions

QA Consultants’ BOT-based Guidewire Automation Accelerator, powered by AnkrPt, a Kimputing solution

Every Guidewire needs an Anchor Point. QA Consultants has collaborated with Kimputing to bring to market the AnkrPt solution to reduce overall costs and increase quality in Guidewire implementations.

The AnkrPt solution is an integrated solution built on Java, open-source Selenium use, and the IntelliJ IDE to allow both technical and non-technical resources to rapidly build and execute automated tests.

The solution is comprised of a number of BOTs:

  1. Pagification BOT: Interrogates and analyzes the unique Guidewire object model and framework to allow rapid script development
  2. Analytics BOT: Constantly collects and mines data for reporting, trending, and analysis
  3. Obfuscation BOT: Changes data in place prior to view and usage

The solution can be combined with a team of Quality Assurance professionals who have a track record in manual and automated Guidewire testing to rapidly automate Guidewire applications while maintaining data security.

The results:

  • Rapid automation from development and unit test through production support
  • Immediate data obfuscation and elimination of data security risks
  • Higher quality delivery through the transparency of metrics and code quality analytics accelerated deployments

Automation as a Service

With an AnkrPt subscription, the following are included:

  • A yearly subscription – including all program updates
  • Rapid setup and initial automation
  • Configuration and ongoing execution of automated testing
  • Transition to existing team members
  • Progress reports on volume/results of tests
  • Unlimited obfuscated environments
  • A Client Manager assigned to you and your team
  • Two-hour response time

When to Leverage

Achieve tangible benefits from AnkrPt™ at any time, but increase the magnitude and speed of the return on AnkrPt™ before or during any of the following activities:

  • New Guidewire implementation project
  • A need to establish testing benchmarks for System Integrators/Consultants hired to optimize Guidewire
  • Reorganizing your Guidewire team

The Killer Features

Several features are built into AnkrPt that allow quantifiable time and cost savings – in the order of magnitude of 10x or more – including:

  • It analyzes the unique Guidewire configuration (via a Pagification BOT)
  • It constantly collects, mines, and reports on trends (via an Analytics BOT)
  • It obfuscates data in production while ensuring its integrity (via an Obfuscation BOT)
  • It is built using Java for flexibility and performance
  • It is built as a ‘modular’ test framework
  • It is accessible to developers, technical testers, and non-technical testers

Track Record

For over 25 years, QA Consultants has successfully delivered comprehensive Quality Assurance solutions including products, strategies, and staff for large, risk-averse financial institutions throughout North America.

Combined Insurance
Equitable Life of Canada
The Co-operators
Transamerica Life Insurance Company

What QA Consultants’ insurance clients say

In 2014, QA Consultants was chosen by Aviva Canada to lead the automation testing of Guidewire during its roll-out across the company. Aviva Canada is a property and casualty insurance company with 4,000 employees, 30 locations and 1,700 independent broker partners. This project was completed without AnkrPt™ and created an understanding of the market demand. Our teams understand QA, Guidewire, Insurance, and Automation. Thus creating a perfect storm for a solution opportunity.

“Thanks to QA Consultants, all the measures of success for the Guidewire test automation project exceeded targets. These included: reducing the speed of executing tests, reducing the defect testing rate, and eliminating the defects headed for production”. – Aviva Canada’s (former) AVP, Quality Assurance and Testing Centre of Excellence (Tatyana Dovga).

About QA Consultants

QA Consultants helps companies maintain their strong reputations for building innovative software products and running reliable systems. QA Consultants accomplish this by conducting comprehensive software testing. Thousands of forward-looking companies across North America have drawn upon QA Consultants’ professional services, staffing services, and products. Find out more about what QA Consultants has done in the insurance industry.

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