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Case Study: Mobile Testing

“We chose QAC because they brought the best mix of mobile experience, reasonable cost, high quality process, and understanding our needs as a small fast startup org. Their test team really melded with our in house staff making it really feel like we had the much larger staff we needed, not just a run of the mill consulting/contracting engagement.”

– Mark Chweh, CTO
  • App Distribution Platform for Developers and Device Manufacturers across Android and Windows devices
  • 1 Billion+ Total App Installs
  • Drives 1 Million App Installs per Day
  • The client had to design, build, and deploy several applications that install on new handset\mobile devices and are activated on initial configuration
  • Each application had specific test scenarios that required simulating an “in store” or “at home” activation and initial load sequences and consumer experience testing
  • The tests ran across multiple devices and across both carrier and WIFI connectivity options
  • Test devices must be rooted to facilitate the install and testing of the apps
  • QAC engaged an “On Demand” Team of Mobile Testing Specialists (QA Lead and 2 QA Engineers)
  • The test environments were prepared, including setup of Windows Desktops (Cygwin, etc.), Physical Devices (rooting), WIFI, and Mobile Data
  • Team executed efficiently over multiple phases and included daily checkpoints
  • A total of 855 test cases were executed on 5 physical devices in scope during the engagement
  • 15 consolidated Defects were identified and reported
  • In addition, QAC Recommended 3 UX & Functional Improvements
  • QAC was engaged for follow-up projects
  • Low cost, high return approach with a team that was self-starting
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Lower cost\Faster than alternative of in-house or local subcontractors

SweetLabs case study (PDF)