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Case Study: Test Automation, POS Solution Validation

  • 5th Largest Food Retailer
  • Physical key POS system running Windows Embedded Card swipe, insert, and tap requirements
  • 3,500 test cases executed multiple times per release across different brands
  • Regular releases from vendor with high defect counts that take 3 weeks to validate. Client required a faster validation of code stability.
  • Client POS system was based on older Windows embedded technology that did not easily lend itself to traditional test automation.
  • Traditional automation approaches could not overcome external manual input required to swipe, tap, or insert credit cards.
  • QA Consultants initiated a ‘solution validation’ exercise and confirmed tool and approach in 2 days
  • Analyzed testing environment to select appropriate software
  • Modernized an older ‘mainframe’ automation approach to develop a repeatable framework
  • Designed and developed a C++ Test Harness
  • With a goal of 30, automated 38 test cases in 8 business days
  • Employed software developers in test (SDET) to build a test harness to support non-cash
  • Successfully automated end to end non-cash
  • Customer acquired new knowledge of system
  • 93% reduction smoke test execution time
  • Redistribution of critical SME resources
  • Increased collaboration and working relationship with development vendor