Gigster needed a partner that could collaborate with their team and be able to plan, build, and execute tests independently

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Industry: Technology
Service: Performance Testing
Case Study: Gigster - Performance Testing



For a customer project, large file interaction and speed of uploads were a critical part of the customer experience and were perceived as the most likely bottleneck

Gigster needed a partner that could work in the “Gigster” model that was not only completely remote from all team members, but could collaborate with the team and be able to plan, build, and execute the tests independently

The timelines were tight and there were no existing performance environments, tools, or plans in place

Solution & Approach:

QAC Provided an On-Demand Performance Architect to initially complete a performance test plan, tool selection, and
execute tests

Over time, additional tests were run, tools modified to support the technical landscape, and additional applications
were included


The customer’s application launched successfully with no performance impacts

A repeatable performance environment capability has been established


"One of the great things about working with QA Consultants was their ability to seamlessly integrate and stay connected with our distribution and freelance team. They joined a complicated project with many moving parts and despite multiple pivots and shifts in priority, they were able to provide a complete solution. I appreciated the willingness from all members of the QA Consultants team to dive right into a challenging environment that ultimately helped us deliver the best product we could."
- Garrett Rich, Gigster Sr. Product Operations Manager