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eHealth Ontario

Case Study

  • QA Consultants was engaged by eHealth Ontario from 2011 to mid 2012 to provide software quality assurance and testing services. eHealth is the government agency tasked with designing and implementing Ontario’s electronic health record system (EHRS). It is widely acknowledged throughout the Ontario healthcare and IT sectors that implementing the EHRS was an extremely complex undertaking with significant privacy, security and system integration challenges.
  • Our work exceeded eHealth’s high expectations around quality of work, service responsiveness, professionalism and project delivery. Moreover, we meshed seamlessly with a variety of their internal teams as well as external vendors
  • The QA Consultants mandate was to provide expert testing services as well as configuration and release management support ‘on demand’ for any eHealth application, system and business need across multiple locations. Our firm was chosen for our application & process expertise, wide service offering and superior value versus other on and offshore vendors. Also critical was our independence, non-biased approach and exclusive focus on testing. Specifically, we were never tainted by earlier eHealth consulting scandals. Furthermore, we did not have a conflict of interest from also providing the client software development services. Simply put, we established an expert pool of resources at a fixed price, delivering testers and consultants when needed, where needed, as needed. This business arrangement gave eHealth increased testing flexibility, faster knowledge diffusion and rapid project scalability, all with fixed pricing, compliance with strict procurement policies and low financial risk.