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Aviva Canada

Case Study #1: Application Migration, UAT, eCommerce, and WARP

  • Aviva is one of Canada’s largest and most respected insurance providers. QA Consultants have been Aviva’s pre-eminent testing partner since 2005. We have successfully completed over 60 quality assurance projects involving application migration, UAT, ecommerce, WARP and marketing testing.
  • The Test Factory accelerated time to production by 50% and produced a 28% reduction in direct labour cost. Additional cost savings were gained by freeing up over 2200 sq ft of Aviva’s facilities, scarce personnel and expensive hardware and software to work on other priority initiatives.
  • We were engaged on one particularly complex, multi-million dollar project which featured very tight delivery deadlines, application complexity and limited internal resources. Our traditional service model for Aviva, Staff Augmentation, was insufficient to deliver on the client’s strict requirements around delivery, budget, resource availability and quality. The only way of meeting these needs was by executing this project through our on-site, on-demand Test Factory centre of excellence. Using the Test Factory enabled us to run multiple shifts with our insurance and application experts while leveraging our advanced and proprietary testing methodologies.
  • High quality outcome
  • Cost effective solution
  • ‘Personal touch’ service

Case Study #2: Enterprise documentation testing & staff augmentation

  • Aviva is one of the World’s leading automobile insurance companies. Aviva Canada has been regularly enhancing their customer-facing and back-office applications, as well as their software development and testing capabilities. QA Consultants has been a strategic testing partner since 2005, involved in over 60 testing projects to date.
  • We fulfilled the first phase of this complex project on budget, on quality and on time; our core team is currently supporting the second phase of the project. Furthermore, our efforts helped streamline their processes enabling Aviva to write better test cases, faster. Finally, several members of our Aviva team were recognized by the company for the quality of their work and performance.
  • QA Consultants was engaged to provide testing for a new enterprise documentation management system and repository. We delivered a comprehensive offering of Testing services that included designing the Test Plan, Script Development, Testing Execution and producing a comprehensive report detailing the bugs and code enhancements. Our bespoke delivery model featured a combination of staff augmentation, the Toronto-based Test Factory centre of excellence and consulting services. Within the project we had to overcome a number of business and technical challenges including tight project timelines, infrastructure complexity and the need to link up with external broker management systems.