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QA in Canada: The Best Shore Software Testing Solution for U.S. Companies

Many U.S. based organizations are realizing the value of onshore or boldly stated Best Shore software testing services from Canada. There are four key reasons to consider Canada for your software testing needs. They are talent, innovation, cost savings, and ease of doing business.

1. Talent: Canada’s Skilled QA and Testing Workforce

Canada has a deep mix of computer science talent that has been educated both in Canada and around the world. Various levels of government have invested heavily in research, technology, innovation, and skilled-worker immigration programs for many years. Wages remain constant and employee turnover is in single digits. Compare this to offshore outsourcing where wages are growing 20% a year and employee turnover surpasses 80% in some sectors.

The depth of talent and lack of turnover nurtures deeper and more consistent client partnerships. This leads to a cycle of ongoing efficiency gains, greater innovation and keeps training costs low. The Canadian community of accomplished quality assurance professionals is highly skilled, consistent, and committed to excellence. This means better output for clients, low costs and fewer headaches.

2. Innovation

The Factory has partnerships with academia, government and its cornerstone clients to develop better and more efficient ways of testing. By using cutting edge technology, proprietary tools, development and project management methodologies, innovative solutions are constantly being deployed in a timely and efficient manner.

3. Cost Effectiveness

As mentioned above, turnover and rapid wage growth have increased the expense of offshore services. On top of this, travel budgets, relationship management, and physical, linguistic and cultural differences have proven to ominously increase software testing outlays. These hidden charges are not adequately planned for, and even when they are, it is like a home renovation budget … the finished product often requires double the initial estimate.

When you consider budgets, you have to look at the entire picture. Inefficiencies in the offshore model can be upwards of 20%. On top of that, consider the exchange rates: The Canadian Dollar is at .78 USD today. This translates into a 22% savings for U.S. clients. By outsourcing to Canada, software testing expenditures can be lowered considerably!

Canadian Dollar + Innovation & Efficiency – Offshore Issues = Time & Budget Savings

Here are some examples:

  • The Test Factory™ helped a leading retailer in the midst of a massive SAP roll-out reduce their testing costs by 23% compared to their previous offshore provider;
  • A global insurance brand uses the Test Factory™ on a number of high profile projects leading to testing cost reductions of 28% and 50% improvement in project time;
  • A multi-office advertising agency outsourced their user-acceptance and mobility testing department leading to a substantial 25-30% cost savings by not having testers on the bench. Additional benefits include an increase in software development standards and a dramatic reduction in client acceptance cycle time.

4. Ease of Doing Business

It is easy for U.S. based companies to outsource their software testing to an organization like QA Consultants in Toronto, Canada.

Location, location, location is vital. Toronto is just an hour plane ride away from New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. When needed, in-person meetings happen in just one day with many clients leaving home in the morning and being able to return that evening. This nearness makes all the difference in rapid enterprise software deployment. Proximity builds relationships, increases efficiencies, lowers engagement time and keeps travel time and expenses to a minimum.

Ease of doing business reveals itself when there is a shared mission between the teams that are actually doing the work. It is vital that software testing professionals build long-lasting, robust relationships with clients in their IT and Marketing departments. This happens with low-turnover, the continuous value being added and an awe-inspiring pride when projects are launched successfully on time and under budget.

Software development entails large budgets and massive responsibilities. Having a partner that is in the same time zone, is highly flexible, is easy to communicate with and that can respond lightning fast is a major factor in making outsourcing successful.

If you are considering building internal quality assurance teams and/or offshore outsourcing, you have the most viable option in Canada. You will tap into a great workforce, experience innovative solutions, reduce your costs significantly and experience the ease of doing business that will impress you. Contact us today to find out how we can help.