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The Rise in Test Automation for Cognitive Systems (AI)

Join us for an exciting live cast – May, 25, 2021 (12pm EST)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is (or should be) at the top of all IT and Business leader’s lists of top software trends in 2021 including Forrester’s, which highlights both AI and Robotics as critical emerging technologies this year and beyond. [Forrester: Predictions 2021] As so many applications of AI and cognitive software are introduced into commercial and consumer products, how can we be assured that the software is operating autonomous vehicles and robots safely and how can we overcome the significant cost to thoroughly test these systems?

QAC introduces how its new test automation accelerator, “xCOG”, for cognitive and robotic systems, provides the ability to automatically build hundreds of thousands of automated test cases against an AI codebase and executing those tests, making it ideal for ongoing and continuous regression testing in the robot and autonomous vehicle development cycle.

Guest speaker and Vice President, Principal QA Research Analyst covering QA from Forrester, Diego Lo Giudice reveals his new research on testing AI for better business results. Featured guest client executives, Vivek Burhanpurkar, CEO & Founder of Cyberworks Robotics and Stephen Sutherland, CEO of CrossWing Autonomous Transportation Systems discuss how QAC’s xCog solution helped their development teams automate the creation of thousands of automated tests of their autonomous robots in rapid cycles, helping increase R&D speed and quality. Special guest moderator, Jenn Bonine, CEO RedRex (AI systems).

Benefits & Learning for Participants:

  • Educate the robotics and autonomous vehicle market on the benefits of test automation for driving software and introduction of QA Consultants’ testing accelerator.
  • Learn today’s challenges of balancing the costs and risks of testing cognitive systems for self-driving vehicles.
  • Increase awareness to cognitive and robotic systems manufacturers that there are methods and solutions for quality during the engineering process that will provide real value (ROI) prior to the testing of a physical robot in the real world.

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Discussion points

  • Benefits of test automation for driving software and explanation of QA Consultants’ testing accelerator xCog
  • Challenges of balancing the costs and risks of testing cognitive systems for self-driving vehicles
  • Methods and solutions around quality during the engineering process
  • The value of testing early on in the development cycle


  • Jenn Bonine, Co-Founder & CEO @ Red Rex


  • Diego Lo Giudice, Principle & VP QA Research Analyst @ Forrester
  • Vivek Burhanpurkar, Co-Founder & COO @ Cyberworks
  • Steve Sutherland, CEO @ CrossWing Robotics
  • Toni Jardini, Director, Technology and Test Automation Practice @ QA Consultants
  • Spencer Reuben, Senior Manager, EmTech @ QA Consultants


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