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QA Consultants and UOIT’s Automotive Center of Excellence sign partnership agreement to create the world’s first dedicated third-party verification lab for integrated Automotive Systems and Physical Testing

In keeping with the 25-year history of innovating in software quality assurance, QA Consultants has formalized a relationship with UOIT’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE). This partnership is to provide a dedicated lab team focused on the future of automated connected and autonomous vehicle testing. 

Such testing will include;

  • Vehicle operating systems, connectivity and interfaces with ECU, ADAS, instrumentation and infotainment clusters
  • Mobility Device Compatibility Testing
  • Model-Based Testing
  • Reusable lab for third-party validation of new infotainment options, and interoperability testing
  • Comprehensive coverage of the rapidly growing requirements for infotainment cluster testing

Usage of ACE’s facility platform will also allow software testing to be combined with radio signal measurement and interference validation, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle to system interoperability testing, physical wearable interaction, device testing, and of course vehicle software testing.

QA Consultants has made significant investments in the last year in a variety of testing activities relating to autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles and software testing platforms in the automotive industry. 

“QA Consultants is proud to build on our history of innovation with this partnership. Our automotive and related customers will gain immediate benefit from having a team dedicated to continuing the knowledge acquisition process and developing best practices for QA in this space. We are grateful to ACE for inviting us to partner to deliver a best in class testing environment and capability,” noted Alex Rodov, Managing Partner of QA Consultants.

Working with OEMs and third-party developers, to the unique grant programs QA Consultants are working with, clearly, the future of QA in this industry will require new techniques.

“This partnership between UOIT and QAC brings together world leaders in automotive software technology from both academia and industry, then combines it with state-of-the-art environmental testing at the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel. Our researchers at UOIT are delighted to be working alongside the experts at QAC to find new ways to develop, test and validate the advanced software and physical systems that are essential to the future of the automobile and to the success of auto manufacturers from around the world,” added Don Toporowski P.Eng., ACE General Manager

In early 2019, QA Consultants will take up residency on the fifth floor of the ACE building to further continue connected and autonomous vehicle testing.

About QA Consultants

QA Consultants is the North American leader in software quality assurance and testing services. Having successfully delivered over 5,500 testing and consulting projects to a variety of industries such as automotive, banking and financial, insurance, digital marketing, retail, telecommunications, energy and utilities, construction and industrial, media and entertainment, US and the Canadian government, healthcare, and hospitality and tourism.


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