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Reliable Software Quality Assurance is More Vital than Ever

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Reliable software quality assurance is more vital than ever

To say the pandemic has changed the world is an obvious understatement. As we navigate the immediate recovery period and the long term, many businesses will want to rethink their approach to aspects of their operations, especially when it comes to remote work flexibility, talent acquisition, and workforce locations.

You have a better option

As companies began to shut down physical offices, QA Consultants’ remote work culture – backed by a 25-year legacy – continued to flourish. While some firms relying on offshore services scrambled to pivot, we did not miss a beat. We were already prepared to work remotely for our US and Canadian clients – offering flexibility, without the pitfalls of offshore work.

As more developers work remotely, they are losing the opportunity to collaborate as effectively, or have the same peer reviews before the crisis. As a result, integration and quality issues arise, reinforcing the importance of reliable collaboration between real-time QA pure-play practitioners who will keep developers on their toes and other vendors honest.

When quality fails, switching from one offshore provider to another is a band-aid fix and not the solution.

As how we work changes, talent matters more than ever

Even before the pandemic, acquiring offshore talent for QA has had drawbacks. Turnover rates are extraordinarily high in offshore QA businesses – people are quick to leave for more coveted developer positions. Work is also typically concentrated in tech centers and requires oversight to maintain productivity. The pandemic has disrupted those circumstances by sending QA resources home – disrupting reliability and security.

The United States and Canada, on the other hand, have always been in a strong position for talent. Better wages and working conditions create a more stable workforce, which has a noticeable impact on client service, especially for ongoing projects. At QA Consultants specifically, we also invest in our junior talent and their skill development. In turn, our people provide a positive return for us and our clients. In fact, we have an incredibly high retention rate of over 90 percent.

Post COVID-19, the access to local best-in-class talent will only increase. The economic impact of the pandemic is resulting in a buyer’s market for the best people, on both the developer side and QA sourcing side. Firms that are already well-positioned with strong infrastructure, models and efficient local work from home cultures will be poised for success.

Managing risk must be an even bigger priority

Times of disruption reinforce the importance of security and stability, and that has been true of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business leaders must be able to offer customers and stakeholders peace of mind that their services are secure and dependable.

The United States and Canada have stable infrastructure, allowing us to weather this storm better than most other parts of the world. That includes physical infrastructure without hourly electrical blackouts, secure and reliable network connectivity, but also stable governments.

As we move ahead into the post-pandemic recovery period and beyond, business leaders will undeniably have to consider whether their partners are reliable and resilient. Having QA experts locally provides a level of confidence that 3rd world service providers simply cannot. You have a better option for quality assurance.


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