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Offshoring is great until it’s NOT!

Achieving speed to market with software quality and reduced security vulnerability is risky enough. What if you could substantially reduce your risk in outsourcing QA by right shoring to a U.S./Canadian model?

Keep in mind that remote work and offshore work are not the same. Having QA testers not in the same room physically can be beneficial in several ways, including greater flexibility. But having the team within North America can make a big difference in how productive, accountable, and reliable your QA process can be.

Tap into an all-star and all onshore team

Is your QA in the hands of “freshers” who are waiting for their next (likely non-QA) job opportunity? Are you fatigued with never-ending transition and re-training resources that turnover at rates as high as over 30%? Is your QA program merely “coming off the bench”? Are the “accelerators” to support ramp-up inclusive of travel to your site that is now blocked due to H1B and other immigration policy decisions? And, would you rather have starting quarterbacks and pitchers managing and delivering world-class software testing and quality programs?

QA Consultants is an all-star and all onshore team of QA engineers, SDETs, and security experts. For over 25 years we have provided the best talent and practices across Canada and the United States to virtually all industries. And the best part is, you don’t have to take an 18-hour plane ride or be on calls at all hours of the night.

Let us show you how we can provide a world-class QA program at a higher value and lower costs than India and offshore. Contact us today.

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