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Meet the QAC Emerging Technologies Team

QAC Automotive and Robotics (QAaR) Quality Assurance

This monthly newsletter will focus on QAC’s activities regarding Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance Services.


Leading the way
Welcome! This newsletter contains new testing design and execution processes, tools, and methodologies developed by our team. Through these channels, we’re supporting rapid technology growth of the future in Automotive, Autonomous Vehicle, Robotics and Cybersecurity.
Welcome to our first Automotive and Robotics Quality Assurance Newsletter!

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Our automotive and robotics quality assurance workstreams

Research and Grant Projects
Grant budgets allow for research and development of new technologies that position QAC to become a world leader in quality assurance services.
AQS (Automotive Quality Services)
Testing and Quality Assurance services exclusively developed for Automotive and Autonomous Road vehicles.
RQS (Robotic Quality Services)
Testing and Quality Assurance services exclusively developed for Robotics and Autonomous small vehicles.
Safety and Cybersecurity
Focus on developing services that adhere to ISO’s compliance verification testing automation Cybersecurity, and Connectivity standards.


If we want to go fast, we go alone. If we want to go far, we go together!
Once QAC began to research the topic, it became apparently that new knowledge, infrastructure, and technology were required to perform testing and quality assurance in automotive and robotic industries. Although QAC is an expert on software testing and quality assurance, the automotive industry requires further development and in-depth learning. Additionally, a complex and expensive infrastructure is required to perform HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) types of testing for vehicles and robots in general. That’s why it’s so important to have partnerships to fulfill those gaps and joint effort to build something huge!

ACE: Automotive Centre of Excellence

First centre of its kind in Canada, one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels.

Fraunhofer FOKUS

Internationally renowned research institute in the area of information and communication technology applied to facilitate digital transformation.

Ontario Tech University (OTU)

Within 15 years of its founding, it quickly earned a reputation for Computer Science, ranking among the top 10 programs in Canada and 4th in Ontario.

National Research Council (NRC)

Primary national research and technology organization of the Government of Canada, in science and technology research and development.

Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE)

Ontario reaps the personal and economic benefits of leading-edge research into technologies and services that enhance quality of life and the economy in Ontario.

There’s no shortage of companies to partner with and develop new technologies. We have been in conversations with the NRC in London, Ontario, which provides leading-edge research, technical and engineering services, and develops innovative technology solutions. We plan to build a comprehensive Automation System Integration Testing framework, including process and capabilities to perform complete E2E testing in autonomous and connected vehicles, testing integration between hundreds of components within Infotainment, Heads-up display, Instrument cluster, Telematics and AUTOSAR / third-party applications.

The Automotive and Robotic Industry need QAC

Vehicle software is released before it is adequately tested. OEMs are not software developers and do not know how to design secure software systems. Cars are complex machines made up of many different digital systems and no single company has the ultimate responsibility to secure them. Once built, updating vehicle hardware and software is difficult since any cybersecurity weakness can persist for years. Each new car requires its own separate combination of hardware and software necessitating the support of hundreds of different versions.

In April 2019, QAC partnered with ACE and OTU to open the QA Consultants Software Test Bay in Oshawa, Ontario.

Our team has developed new test infotainment systems using two test benches in the QAC Software Test Bay lab.

Automotive software systems are insecure and vulnerable


The weakest part of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E reveal was the software

Toyota to recall 1.9M Prius cars for software defect in hybrid system

Consumer SOS: New GM vehicle needs more than 50 repairs and counting

Tesla model 3 loses consumer reports recommendation over reliability problems


Peter Watkins

COO, QA Consultants

Toni Jardini

Test Automation Architect, QA Consultants

Spencer Reuben

Manager of Professional Services, QA Consultants

Bob Van Gieson

Partner – Sr. Director of Sales at QA Consultants

Ansh David

Technical Consultant, QA Consultants

Dr. Farsam Farzadpour

Senior Technical Consultant, QA Consultants

Dr. Helio Perroni Filho

Technical Consultant

Ruthrash Hari

Robotics Software and Simulation Engineer, QA Consultants


Coming next month
In our next newsletter, we will outline our engagements and projects, including XIVT (eXcellence In Variant Testing. XIVT is a three year international program with five countries, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Germany and Turkey. QAC is the leader of Canada consortium and has been developing new technologies for high variant systems for Automotive, Rail, Telco, and Industry 4.0 domains.

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