Alex Rodov
Managing Partner
Alex Rodov is the Managing Partner at QA Consultants, which he founded in 1994 to provide local access to expert software testing.
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He was one of the first to treat quality assurance as a field of its own, and his enduring contribution to the field has been to establish software testing as a specific skill set. Alex established QA Consultants as a dedicated local testing centre of excellence featuring on-demand local access to professional testers with a wide range of field expertise. Under his leadership, QA Consultants has grown from a groundbreaking idea into a cutting-edge quality assurance company recognized as a market leader and a category killer in the multi-billion-dollar North America software testing industry. Alex has been widely recognized for his visionary leadership, including being selected by Ernst and Young as an Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013. His pioneering innovations have resulted in QA Consultants receiving a 2012 Business Excellence Award from the Toronto Board of Trade and a Deloitte designation as one of the best-managed companies in Canada in 2013. Alex Rodov commented, “This achievement reflects our vision of improving the quality of software used by Canadians every day in their work and for their enjoyment. This quality mission derives from our single-minded focus on testing, extensive Canadian operations and market-leading innovation.” Throughout his career, Alex has led some of the largest and most complex North American quality assurance projects and initiatives, and developed new processes and methodologies that became the global standard. One recent result has been the Clutch Directory identifying QAC as an international industry leader when it included QA Consultants in its 2015 report as a top North American software testing firm. To date, QA Consultants has invested millions in R&D to develop new testing methodologies, automation and specialized internal processes to benefit its customers – who are able to show off their development talent knowing that QAC has tested their products until they are flawless. Among other professional accomplishments, Alex has been recognized as an expert in this field by the Quality Assurance Institute of Canada. He speaks frequently at quality assurance conferences, focusing on subjects such as IT re-shoring, best QA practices, IT governance and QA test centres of excellence. Among Alex’s proudest achievements have been repatriating more than 300 technical jobs that otherwise would have been lost to India, and instituting a comprehensive internship program that supports Toronto’s IT cluster by providing valuable entry-level positions for new graduates. If entrepreneurship has been his motivation, corporate social responsibility has been Alex Rodov’s inspiration and his passion. CSR initiatives such as the QAC United Way Challenge and the Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart have given back to the community while increasing employee morale, reducing turnover, and fostering a unique QAC esprit de corps, especially among socially conscious Generation Yers.

Peter Watkins
Peter Watkins is the Chief Operating Officer at QA Consultants.
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Peter’s focus is on ensuring clients’ expectations are continually exceeded, work force and operational standards are continually improving, are continuously innovating, and QA Consultants’ business is continually growing in North America and internationally. Peter previously worked as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the McGraw-Hill companies, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada, Global Leader for Financial Services for EDS, and National Practice Director for Information Technology for E&Y. Some of his other professional accomplishments include being the current President of the World Network of Productivity Organizations, President of the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) Canadian Chapter and Board Member, Expert Advisor to the International Environmental and Energy Protection Agency (IEEPA), and Co-chair of the Big Data for Productivity World Congress 2015. Peter has been awarded Fellow of the World Association of Productivity Science for contributions to productivity science, and served as keynote speaker for both China’s Strategy Forum and the opening ceremony for China’s High Technology Exposition and Productivity Congress in Beijing. Peter has published several articles, a few of which have been reprinted in multiple countries around the world. On a personal note, He has two children and a hotel in Costa Rica, paints as a hobby and rides 220 km each year in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Harry France
SVP of Sales
Harry France is the Senior Vice President of Sales at QA Consultants.
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Throughout his career, he has managed major technology companies in Canada and the United States, including Mercury Interactive Canada, Merant Canada, Lawson Software, BCE Emergis, Seer Technologies Inc., Amdahl Canada and Software AG of Canada. Harry has a Business Administration degree in Marketing from Conestoga College and 30 years’ experience as a senior sales and marketing executive. He shares his professional skills with a local community college as a member of its Technology Steering Committee.

Alexander Semyanovskiy
Director of Finance
Alexander is the Director of Finance at QA Consultants.
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In this role, he is responsible for financial planning, business support, internal control, accounting, treasury operations and compliance. Alexander brings 20 years of leadership experience in top-tier international companies including PWC, Lucent Technologies, and Disney, where he advanced from audit manager to country CFO positions. Over recent years, he focused his career on professional services businesses including IT and insurance related, serving as VP Corporate Finance and Finance Director at Maykor and Cunningham Lindsey Canada respectively. Alexander is vastly knowledgeable in financial and management accounting including IFRS and US GAAP, financial planning, cost management and profitability improvement, investment analysis, ERPs implementation and integration, operational communication; treasury management, acquisitions, and board reporting. Alexander received his Master equivalent degree in political economy from Moscow State University in Russia. He holds CPA, CA and CPA, Oregon, qualifications. On a personal note, he enjoys international travel and has visited 30 countries so far.

George Kogan
General Manager, Test Factory
George Kogan is the General Manager of The Test Factory at QA Consultants.
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His focus is on running The Test Factory effectively by putting people first and finding problems rather than simply verifying that the software works correctly. In The Test Factory we also try to ensure the clarity of bug reports and respect software developers’ time. George has previously worked in QA for Open Text in Richmond Hill and Hummingbird in Toronto. His most recent academic achievement is an MSc in Electrical Engineering. On a personal note, he enjoys cardiovascular exercise and mathematics.

Dave Gelineau
Dave Gelineau a Director in the Ottawa region at QA Consultants.
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Dave joins the QA Consultants team with over 30 years of Federal Government IT Sales experience. His background includes Solutions and Managed Services sales for several Global services organizations (including Accenture and IBM) as well as selling IT and business services for several boutique firms. Over his career Dave has been working with the Federal government to improve the procurement processes to help ensure the Crown is acquiring true value. He initiated the creation of a business association to represent Indigenous Businesses in discussions regarding procurement reform with government procurement representatives. In addition, as a government employee, he provided advice on procurement strategies incorporating best practices within the federal government. On a personal note, Dave does enjoy time on a lake fishing, travelling and cheering on his Ottawa Redblacks.

Brian Bernknopf
Managing Director, U.S. Operations
Brian Bernknopf is the Managing Director for U.S. Operations at QA Consultants.
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Brian is a proven IT and management consultant with deep expertise in software development management, quality assurance and systems integration. He has experience in practice management, alliance management, and marketing. With more than 15 years in the quality assurance and quality management industry, Brian is a frequent speaker at public and client quality management events. He is a member of HP’s ALM Board of Advisors and many other organizations. His early patent applications for test automation built the foundation for his QA career and a pursuit of QA solutions. Brian currently supports the Per Scholas STEP program with its focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through IT jobs.

Mira Jug
Senior Partner
Mira Jug is the Senior Partner, leading the financial services and telecom practice at QA Consultants.
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Mira’s focus is on business development and creating transformative QA and testing solutions and services for our clients. Mira is a proven senior QA leader and executive consultant with more than 20 years of in-depth experience in the IT industry. She was a founder and a leader of a high-growth national QA and testing services practice with IBM, specializing in designing QA and testing solutions and delivering world class IT services to clients in all industries and sectors across Canada. Throughout her career, Mira has led some of the largest and most complex QA and testing projects across various industries, including banking, telecommunications, retail and the public sector. She designed and developed testing and QA methodologies, processes and procedures, and led the selection of tools and aids. Mira possesses a unique combination of strengths in sales and delivery, combined with technology and business acumen achieved through her in-depth knowledge of strategic planning, organizational leadership and talent development. She is client focused and prides herself on helping clients optimize their QA organizations by developing their people, driving innovations and efficiencies, and producing cost savings. On a personal note, Mira enjoys and is actively involved in mentoring and coaching QA and testing professionals across Canada and globally.

Brett Turner
Partner - Digital
Brett Turner is a Partner at QA Consultants.
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His focus is on ensuring our clients receive the best possible QA solutions on time and within budget, expanding our service offerings across several industries globally, including media and advertising, automotive, financial services, hospitality, retail and tourism. Brett leads QAC’s marketing team and ensures our value proposition resonates with clients and prospects. He has previously worked as a member of executive management teams in both advertising and technology companies. Before QAC, he was the Senior VP of Sales and a co-founder of FireBrand, which was sold in 2013, and he worked with Blast Radius as Executive Vice President of Client Services and Sales, as well as Board Director.

Steve McGeown
Partner - Security
Steve McGeown is Partner – Security with QA Consultants.
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His passion is turning technical innovation into successful new products from scratch, and he has done so multiple times. Much of his career has been spent leading cross-functional teams in roles in development work, support work, sales, sales engineering, customer advocacy, and, of course, product management and marketing.

Todd Merritt
Senior Director, Professional Services
Todd Merritt is the Senior Director, Professional Services, responsible for leading the quality and testing professionals at QA Consultants’ Test Factory.
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His focus is on the design and delivery of successful quality assurance and testing solutions and services to our valued clients. He has worked in a variety of roles in the IT consulting industry for almost 20 years, and as an ERP technical developer/analyst and certified classroom training instructor. Some of Todd’s other professional accomplishments include receiving the Arthur Andersen Manager’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement and the David R. McDougall Scholarship for Marketing and Industrial Relations. On a personal note, Todd enjoys reading about politics and International relations, music and literature. You may find it interesting that he is a certified ski instructor and an avid alpine skier.

Aly Dawood
Director of Pre-Sales and Solution Architecture
Aly Dawood is the Director of Pre-Sales and Solution Architecture at QA Consultants.
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His focus is on leading teams to be successful and perform at their highest potential while continuously improving and progressing. Aly has previously worked in almost every role available in IT: software support and development/engineering, IT security analysis, database administration, data analytics and reporting, development leadership and management, technology consulting, quality assurance and testing, test automation development and leadership, project leadership and management. He has more than 15 years’ experience in most industry verticals, including financial services, insurance, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, automotive and agriculture.

Desislava Nikolova
Senior Manager, Professional Services
Desislava Nikolova is Senior Manager, Professional Services at QA Consultants.
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Her focus is on leading diagnostic portfolio assessments and developing best-fit solutions, as well as acting as an engagement manager for a number of client accounts. She has previously worked as an executive management consultant and director of quality assurance, client care and continuous improvement. Some of Desi’s other professional accomplishments include experience in a wide range of industries, and leading both onshore and offshore QA and software development teams. Her BSc. is in Computer Science and Mathematics and she has an Executive MBA from Cornell-Queen’s University. On a personal note, she enjoys travelling to international destinations, learning foreign languages, and reading marketing, finance and global economy literature. You may find it interesting that Desi is passionate about fashion and modern architecture.

Rob Virdee
Senior Manager, Professional Services
Rob Virdee is Senior Manager, Professional Services at QA Consultants.
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His focus is on the architecture, delivery, oversight and advancement of test solutions that effectively utilize automation. Rob has previously worked as a program test manager, test delivery manager, and lead test assessor for banks and satellite radio. He has also had test, architect, leadership and audit roles in the insurance, pension, defence and pharma industries. On a personal note, Rob is an amateur artist, historian and archaeologist, as well as a keen follower and supporter of the EPL – particularly Manchester United. You may find it interesting that all the paintings in his home are his own reproductions or originals.

Arthur Forzon
Head of Security, Privacy and Technology
Arthur Forzon is Head of Security, Privacy and Technology at QA Consultants.
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Arthur Forzon is Head of Security, Privacy and Technology at QA Consultants. He has previously worked with Toronto Hydro, IBM, the Ontario Ministry of Finance and the Ontario Lottery Commission. On a personal note, Arthur enjoys long walks and barbecues with his family.