Performance Testing Services

Performance testing is a technical investigation done to determine or validate the speed, scalability and/or stability characteristics of the product under test. Performance testing and engineering should be incorporated throughout a system’s development, rollout and ongoing maintenance to avoid overlooked errors, unsatisfied customers, reputation damage and the high cost of poor quality. Even if applications have been “tested,” significant attention must be paid to performance specifically or serious challenges will still arise. The performance issues experienced with Obamacare put the risks in perspective – organizational reputation, user dissatisfaction and destroyed careers.

Performance Testing is one of the core competencies of QA Consultants’ larger end-to-end Performance Engineering capability, which our clients can leverage to manage the health and effectiveness of their applications. Our capabilities include performance diagnostics, validation of application performance, proactive performance monitoring, application capacity planning and modelling, as well as custom development of tools such as test harnesses and environment virtualization. All working toward insuring improved productivity, increased quality and increased speed to market with support available for both Agile and waterfall delivery models.

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