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Press Release: Dallas free selenium training

Press Release: QA Consultants partners to provide Dallas QA Community with free selenium training

Over 40 participants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area gain theoretical and practical skills for Selenium AutomationDallas, TX: On June 30, 2016, three Software Quality Assurance industry-leading firms, uniquely joined forces to provide support in the form of free training to the local Dallas Quality Assurance Community.  Seeing that there is great value for professionals in the industry to have hands-on skills and working knowledge of Selenium, a class was delivered to provide theoretical as well as practical skills and know how. More than a seminar, it was hands-on and a deep dive into the best practices for Selenium Automation.

The training was provided in collaboration with Sauce Labs, original contributors to the selenium project and MongoDB, the most popular non-relational database. With over 40 participants in attendance, and 20 high tech firms represented, the training was a great success with acute demand for repeat events. A special thanks to the co-working space Dallas Fort Work for the use of the facilities. We are looking forward to future such events in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, as well as the greater Southwest region and beyond.

“We were certainly pleased with not only the level of collaboration that these three unique companies showed to provide the Dallas QA Communality with meaningful training, but with the overwhelming response from the local companies wanting to send their teams to this training,” said Brian Bernknopf, Managing Director for QA Consultants, US.  “There is clearly a need in the market that we are happy to have facilitated and look forward to more events to bring these QA communities together in search of better practices. Today’s community economy is based on an underlying need for high-quality software and QA Consultants’ certainly sees the software quality community as the critical path to product adoption.”

“As Selenium becomes the de facto standard for automated testing in the enterprise, more and more companies are realizing the need to first develop effective automation strategies,” said Leo Laskin, Sauce Labs’ Automation Specialist. “Sauce Labs understands this need, and we are always looking for opportunities to share best practices.”

Additional training events are planned between these three partners throughout the Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas regions.  These events will be focused on continued advanced best practices for the use of testing practitioners and Selenium as well as potential additional technologies.

About QA Consultants: QA Consultants is an award-winning provider of software testing and quality assurance solutions. They are a trusted testing company for businesses, brands, government departments and institutions. Over the last 20 years we have successfully delivered 5,000+ mission-critical projects in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. The Test Factory™ is a continuous quality test lab incorporating a precise combination of intelligence applied to advanced levels of automation. The Test Factory™ pairs the skilled labour and expertise of our staff with our proprietary testing methodologies. This unique blend provides our clients with unparalleled and superior quality service. QA Consultants’ 30,000-square-foot testing facility delivers onshore quality and performance at low offshore prices. The Test Factory™ alone, or in partnership with our Managed Services and Staff Augmentation departments, delivers highly effective testing and QA solutions to our wide range of clients.