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QAC’s XVIT (“SHIFT”) partner, Bombardier, sees success with Machine Learning Transportation Solutions

Great strides in Natural Language Programming automation solutions.

QA Consultants is proud to see our collaborative effort with Bombardier as part of the ITEA XIVT program being recognized in this fashion. We have accomplished a lot as part of this program and are proud to be associated with it.  Peter Watkins, COO of QA Consultants and Executive Lead for our participation in the ITEA XIVT programs said: “Software reuse is a significant component of building quality into systems, preventing defects, and creating manageable code.  The ability we have with AI and Natural Language Programming (NLP) capabilities to increase velocity in this process is exciting.  I am proud of our XIVT program partner, Bombardier, for bring this to fruition.”

Read more about XIVT’s article entitled: Promising results using NLP and machine learning to automate variability and reuse analysis at Bombardier Transportation