Must Read Books

Must Read Books

10 Must-Read Books You Didn’t Know Were About Software Testing

From Gurock by Simon Knight

Not everyone has time to go on a course or to a conference. Or the budget for that matter. But we all want to develop ourselves professionally, right? So if you’re time or cash constrained, what’s the best way to further your career? Well, these days of course, you can easily turn to the interweb and watch a video, or do some other form of online training. There’s plenty of both kinds of resources out there and we’ll cover some of them in future posts.

I don’t know about you though, but I like nothing better than an awesome book to read in order to get my brain juices going. And of course, if you have a tablet or phone, it has become very easy to carry a multitude of books around with you wherever you go, and switch between them in your ebook reader of choice. If you’re anything like me, you probably have three or four on the go right now!

If you were to scour the internet for some software testing books to read, you would very likely discover a list of usual suspects. In fact, if you work in software development or testing – you probably should have read all of these by now.

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