Letter from Dev/Test Cloud to Service Virtualization

Letter from Dev/Test Cloud to Service Virtualization

This love letter, penned by Jason English (cloud evangelist for Parasoft’s partner Skytap), is featured in the Service Virtualization Best Practices: Insights from Industry Leaders guide recently curated by Parasoft.

Dear Service Virtualization,

Hey, I know it’s been a while since we started being “a thing.” When we met, everyone said you were just mocking, and that I wasn’t real enough to make a living, with my head in the clouds. Yet, here we are, a few years later.

Service Virtualization, you complete me.

As a young Dev/Test Cloud, I always wanted to try new things. And what better use for Cloud than experimenting with software for startup companies? I was flexible, I thought I had the capacity to handle anything. I’d stay up all night studying or partying, but sometimes I’d crash. So what if some college kid’s cloud-based photo-sharing site experiment goes down? It wasn’t going to impact anyone’s life.

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