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There can be no denying that the cannabis market sector is an exciting arena of growth and evolution. Some research companies estimate the global legal market will be worth around $66.3 billion by the end of 2025.

With such growth comes the need to organize and manage every aspect of your business. Whether you’re bringing cannabis products to market or supporting the industry with ancillary products and services, the software platforms you choose to manage your business will directly impact the perception of your brand and your overall customer experience: How will you secure and protect your customers’ data and private information? How will you sell and market your products? How accessible are your platforms to your customers and employees? Even internal tools such as finance and insurance platforms can play a critical role in how your brand is perceived and the quality of experience your customers will demand. QA Consultants has platform testing and quality engineering expertise to help with all these concerns and more.


As with any enterprise, keeping consumer and business information private is crucial. QA Consultants Security Testing Group provides application security and vulnerability testing services to ensure that your infrastructure is secured from both internal and external threats. Cybersecurity breaches happen as a direct result of poorly designed/constructed applications that lack quality and governance critical to mitigating the risk of being breached. QAC leads the industry for testing vulnerabilities in code design and protecting against the inevitable attempt to hack your systems.


Retail is a cornerstone industry for QA Consultants. The services we provide include testing of traditional enterprise systems, cutting-edge Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) quality, and Point of Sale (POS) system testing. Our work with mobile device testing (functional, compatibility, usability, user experience, automation) has been a significant part of helping Canadian and U.S. retailers bring new products and services to market.

For more information on how QAC can help enable your retail strategy.

Digital marketing

When properly executed, digital marketing initiatives can be an important way to ensure your brand is recognized and gains traction in a competitive market space. Ensuring those campaigns are developed and executed with a focus on quality is critical to ensuring consistently positive customer experience and desired outcome. QA Consultants’ testing services keep launch plans on time and on budget by identifying shortcomings that cause delays and additional development costs for agencies and agency clients. QA can address look and feel (U.I.), interactivity (U.X.), feature functionality and performance under normal and abnormal conditions across operating systems, browsers and platforms.


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 is a globally accepted standard for making online content more accessible for people with disabilities. Ensuring that there are no restrictions as to who can access your web-based platforms are important considerations when defining your brand strategy and an important benchmark for ensuring your customers and employees with disabilities have meaningful and positive interactions with you.

Our testing services ensure your website and mobile applications are AODA and WCAG compliant. We have the skilled people, software, diagnostic tools, systems, hardware platforms and devices necessary to test compliance for your digital properties. We also provide comprehensive reports that demonstrate your organization’s intent to meet these requirements while working closely with in-house development teams and/or outside vendors to correct non-accessible web pages and interfaces.

Other Industries

Our value proposition aligns with our clients’ goals of improving quality, accelerating project time to market, driving operational efficiency, better risk management, and supporting enhanced and timely end-user functionality. To that end, we have partnered with clients in many industries such as Banking and Finance, Insurance and many others that are a critical part of the cannabis ecosystem.

Let us show you how we can help you provide continuous service to your clients through quality assurance. Contact us today to start a conversation.

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