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Texas Capital Bank

Case Study: Test Automation

  • Format of STTM Documents had to be improved to include all necessary information for proper development and testing (filter criteria are missing, data relationship to BADR DB was not comprehensive)
  • Lack of ability to create DB Links between databases (no ability to query between 2 databases) lead to additional time with creation of Excel verification framework.
  • Lack of ability to create DB Links between databases lead to the “limited data validation coverage” where MS Excel couldn’t handle the volume of data.
  • Team constantly provided feedback to improve the STTM Documents.
  • Through all iterations of the project, the QA Team has identified and managed to work on 78 Defects
    • 76 Medium & 2 Low Severities
    • 59 Defects have been addressed, retested and closed
  • On June 26, 2018 the QA Team immersed themselves into the TCB workplace and were able to get up-to speed in a timely manner.
  • As of July 6, 2018 QA Team started receiving STTM documents for Test Case authoring.
  • QA Team was working on an on-going basis to provide gap analysis on the continuously changing 25 STTM documents, which in turn leads to the higher quality of CustomerInfo and TCBView data.
  • QAC Team was able to increase coverage and execution speed with each new release.
  • QAC Team successful concurred and overcome continues problems with lack of fully completed mapping documentation.
  • QAC identified an average of 20 defects per release.
  • QA Team authored and executed 823 Test Cases within 99 Test Suites throughout all releases.
  • With each iteration, execution speed was increased drastically by the QA Team and they were able to complete identified tasks within project.

Texas Capital Bank case study (PDF)