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Case Study: Forensic testing services

  • This large, prestigious law firm was engaged by a leading telecom company to represent them in a software quality dispute. The telecom company (client) had contracted a software developer (vendor) back in the mid 1990s to build them an enterprise-scale service. The software was delivered, but there were issues. The client contended it did not work according to their expectations. The vendor disagreed. The dispute centered around whether the vendor delivered a sufficiently functional product according to the client’s requirements.
  • We produced a 126-page report outlining the findings from an extensive forensic testing effort. Our report was entered as expert testimony; it was viewed by the judge as the more credible of the opinions based on its real-life simulation and completeness. This report contributed to a successful resolution of the case in the client’s favour.
  • The legal team hired QA Consultants – based on reputation and 20 years testing experience – to provide forensic testing services and expert testimony for the software product. Our mandate was to objectively determine whether the product was delivered complete, in good working order and in compliance with the original formal requirements. The vendor engaged their own expert opinion to review the product’s completeness and quality. Much of the case boiled down to the thoroughness and credibility of each expert’s technical assessment.

    Our project scope included performing defect analysis and performance testing, under the original (circa 1999) technical and environmental conditions. There were considerable challenges recreating the exact hardware, operating system and software configuration as well as simulating performance traits. Moreover, maintaining project accuracy, privacy and integrity were crucial, as our work was going to be scrutinized by the other party’s software quality assurance expert.