In the Funnel workshop

In the Funnel workshop

At a December gathering of 40+ business leaders for a Deloitte, Gowlings and In the Funnel workshop dealing with increasing revenue and assessing and protecting value, a question was raised.

Would you rather your company had the best product on the market or the best sales force in the market? The room was unanimous that the sales force is more integral to success. With that principle established, Mark Cox from In the Funnel sales consulting pointed out that among all the business schools throughout Canada and the United States, no school offers a specialization in sales or sales management, and only 3% of business schools offer any kind of targeted sales or sales management courses.

So while there is little or no training available to professional sales people, they are the go-to when revenue generation is a priority – which is almost always. Mark left the audience understanding that a revenue generation strategy and a clear and concise plan must be in place before sales professionals are hired and sales teams are built.

Every company has three major interests: increasing revenue, decreasing costs and decreasing risk. The first two fall under the sales and marketing umbrella, and risk and costs were addressed by Romit Malhotra, Executive Director Corporate Finance at Deloitte Canada, and Ian Palm, Partner at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP. “A couple of things that frequently get confused are value and price.”

General business know-how is evolving daily, and events like this can provide business audiences with food for thought in identifying the challenges they need to overcome and start taking the right next steps.